Ramilya Iskander

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Date of birth: 24.06.1977

Age: 39

Citizenship: Russia

married to a foreigner would not go

Author: Lily Fidaeva

Website: Celebrities

- Ramil, your character runs away from her husband, a Frenchman, taking with him the child. Now, unfortunately, these stories are not uncommon ...

- Yes, but the most interesting thing that I`ve never heard of it. It was only when he started acting, he suddenly became a bump in the press on such cases. Prior to that, there was a feeling that my story is unique. And suddenly I realized that my character is just one of the many women who have experienced this discrimination. In a situation when you have a husband, a foreigner and you are actually as a woman and as a mother does not have any rights. Not only as a wife - on the part of the property, but did not even have the right to order the child, whom you have given birth. It was a terrible blow for me. Because I basically grew up in an orthodox family where all bow to her mother. Father, yes, he is the breadwinner earner. But my mother - this is the main man. And when I realized that the child may just deprive the mother, thinking that it would be better, I had a shock.

- Nevertheless, these stories, horror stories do not stop our women and veliksoblazn to marry a foreigner. In your opinion, what has the complexity of such marriages?

- I think the main problem is the difference in mentality. I have friends and acquaintances - foreigners. Of course, I communicate well with them, we are friends. But personally, I married another man attitude could not get out. Because, I think, people do not just think differently, they feel differently. While I appreciate the courage of those women who decide on such an act. There is after all, a good marriage. For example, a good friend of mine married a French politician. By chance. It was not a marriage of convenience, but rather a love at first sight. People just met in one of the streets of Paris and fell in love. This happens too. Although most of our women marrying foreigners who are simply looking for something better. They think the men look beautiful, are able to pay compliments, etc. By the way, my partner on the series, who plays my husband Serge, Russian actor, but he`s a very long time living abroad and almost became French. He has a different way of thinking. He spoiled us on the set, talked endlessly compliments. As a partner, I love him, I can work with him, to work, but this man I could not fall in love. Some are refined. Our men even rude at times, is not very sensitive, but nevertheless they are real.

- This would be you could not fall in love. And who would be able to?

- To love? This topic is very relevant to me. Perhaps love - a feeling that is not asking permission. I could love to anyone who would love me and my soul would have responded to this call.

- Ramil, but you do any TV shows, see?

- With my work I do it very rarely. You know, today in the series a lot of blood, vulgarity. They show life, but not from the other side.

- In your show, I think, will show life as it should be?

- It is foolish to praise what you have participated myself, but we have tried as much as possible, to humanize the characters prescribed scenario. Our heroine fall in love, wrong, wrong a thousand times, make some ridiculous things, but they like, know how to love, want to love and aspire to, to make your life more beautiful. And they love each other. That`s three girlfriends. It seems to me, for Russia it is very important when friendly threes.

- Are you close to the concept of female friendship?

- I have actually two friends. One lives in Moscow, the other in a completely different city. I think that may be friends, work colleagues, with whom you communicate is very close, but friends do not happen much. Real friends can be one or two. Whom can you trust everything that is in the soul and in life. Who will understand you correctly. And even if you do not understand, it will pretend to understand and try to help you.

- And how to maintain friendship at a distance?

- Here it is difficult to give advice. Friendship - it`s like love. This is about the same level as just another category. If it is what it is. If this connection is not present, and store will not work.