Raisa Ryazanova

Picture of Raisa Ryazanova

Date of Birth: 10/31/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan)

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of USSR State Prize (1981, for his role in "Moscow does not believe in tears" movie).


Raisa Ryazanov was born October 31, 1944 in Petropavlovsk, in Kazakhstan. Childhood she was very uneasy. She was born a bastard. Her mother, a woman of the Russian countryside, voluntarily gave up the man, knowing that he had a family and six children. Her mother had no relationship to either the movie or the theater, but she lived only for her girls and tried her than she could help.

Ryazanov graduated from the Ryazan first musical-pedagogical college bayan, and even a year teaching at a music school, but then ... in Ryazan was a wonderful drama theater. And once again, coming to the play "Romeo and Juliet", the girl was gone. I fell in love with Romeo, and her white light faded, and all nemilo was: in the classroom, at home she thought about the show. To imagine how she would have played in the scene, or in this .... Then he decided to go to Moscow to enter a theater to prove Romeo. Dreamed Lo graduated from the Institute, and will be the actress will come to the theater to conquer Romeo, Juliet play.

Study. Shooting. Life

Of course it was a decisive step: from Ryazan - and once on the exams in GITIS ... Without influential relatives, without the right connections, without training ... about anything that Ryazanov and had no idea. It just seemed so in the exams, "I - Paradise Ryazanov from Ryazan, and I`m 20 years old ..." Until now, the actress can not understand why it took a while? She had not been quite adept at acting affairs, not learned anything, but ... Dialogue Shchukar grandfather Davidov of "Virgin Soil Upturned" Sholokhov. She played just behind the two men. And in the second round and yet suddenly completely forgotten text. I had monologue doskazyvat own words. It would seem that hope for any flow at all, but no, - luck: to his amazement the future actress has found his name on the list. Perhaps the teachers came to the girl from Ryazan not formally, just looked deeper.

Here, in the walls of the institute Raisa Ryazanov met her love. Already in the second year, she married a fellow student. Then they looked at each other, and all at once it became clear. In the fourth year at the Raisa I had a son, Daniel, and soon she left her husband ....

By the time the young actress has starred in the movies. Her debut was the main role in the film "Gul Queen" directed by Yee Mironova on the novel by Elena Ilina "Fourth height". One day on the set Raisa met a man who once won her heart. So what to do, so it was such a family practitioner. A cheating husband - not in its rules. When he returned and said: "All that I love and can not go on living." He tried to persuade her to stay, but Raisa remained adamant.

Former husband Raisa then started a new family, and she still did not work. She recalls: "On one of my love somehow lasted ten years, and then as it was the end ..."

70 years

In 1969 Raisa Ryazanov graduated from GITIS. I tried to get to the theater Mayakovsky, but told her that this year no one take. More and she will not go, the benefit that the film has already drawn attention to the young actress.

And went and went .... Shooting, shooting, shooting. When I left, I asked someone to sit with his son. Such is the actor`s share. And, returning, brought home books Danilka suitcases. "It`s all climbed to his feet in a suitcase, rummaging and immediately sat down to read. I was so happy! "- Says Raisa.

One film after the other. The main roles were alternated with episodes. Katya, a neighbor Emelyanovo in lyrical comedy Ilya Gurin "Passing Through Moscow", Evdokia in the tale of Alexander Rowe "Golden horn" Lisa Prokhorov adventure tape Alexander Surin "Two alarm of the day," Zina Shuranova in the adventure film by Stanislav Govorukhin "Contraband", barmaid in this tale Ilya Freza "That we do not pass," Alesha`s mother in the wonderful children`s film Stanislaus Rostotsky "White Bim Black Ear". These different roles, but all the same favorite actress. She always tried to do good to people screen. And the audience response was paid actress sincere love.