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Date of Birth: 02/17/1943

Age: 73

Place of birth: Old Sparrows

Citizenship: Ukraine


People`s Artist of Ukraine (1993).

The winner of the Republican Central Committee of Youth Award.

name Ostrovsky of Ukraine (1968).

The winner Nick (1989).

Winner of the Prize. SF Bondarchuk (1998).

She was awarded the Order of "Princess Olga" (2001).


Raisa Nedashkovskaya was born February 17, 1943 in the village of Old Sparrows Malin district of Zhytomyr region in a large family and industrious soldier, a veteran of World War II.

In school, Raisa Nedashkovskaya fond of dancing, dance circle visited the Palace of Pioneers, was even a soloist dance company, but many say that this girl is hidden poetry and predicted it was not a career dancer.


This is what happened ... Raisa Nedashkovskaya kinofakultet graduated from the Kiev Theatrical Institute. IK Karpenko-Kary, and she joined the Kyiv Youth Theatre, on stage who starred in productions of "Cyrano de Bergerac", "Chasing Two Hares". She has created several solo performances.

Then, together with the director Lyudmila Aveskulovoy conceived to establish a spiritual theater. She began to spend in the theater of life means the idea of ??internal renewal, internal communication, the idea of ??free creation. Subsequently Nedashkovskaya Raisa became the artistic director of Theatre "under the stars".

The theater began to work at the Kyiv planetarium, hence its name. At performances gathered intellectuals, young people, which is close to the ideas of spirituality and art. Also repertory productions: "Do not ask your destiny", "Oh, how terribly we have expensive", theater and held creative meetings, spiritual action series "The Life of the Saints", as well as evenings dedicated to the work of outstanding artists of Ukrainian art. With great actors theater collaborated Ukraine: Stefanova, sister Telnyuk Mironov, Stus, Kudryavtseva, Krivoruchko.


Way Raisa Nedashkovskaya in movies began in the 17 years in the way Mavka "Forest Song" favorite teacher Ivchenko. Something poetic saw actress film director Viktor Ivchenko, when more than forty years ago, looking for the main character of the film adaptation of the play of Lesya Ukrainka "Forest Song". Mavka - a child of nature, perfection, spontaneity ... A beautiful and defenseless, touching and quite yet childishly sensitive, smooth and impetuous Mavka the first stellar role Raisa Nedashkovskaya. The role, which determined the fate of the actress.

Comprehensively gifted, talented man of high spirituality and big heart, Raisa Nedashkovskaya always worked on improving its image and creative opportunities. Her beautiful face was inspired incarnation of "Persons of Ukrainian cinema" - that is mentioned at all film festivals and, in particular, in Japan. In the picture, the actress has created a lot of pr ekrasnyh images of women of different ages and different times.

Belle Marie, because of which "lost his head" student-journalist Kostik, shiny, Vadim role in the animation and gaming comedy Derbeneva Vadim and Vyacheslav Kotenochkin "Travel in April."

In a small play space at the front of the stage in front of an orchestra Raisa Nedashkovskaya with opera singer Galina Oleynichenko lived all events of historical drama in the film-opera "The Tsar`s Bride" directed by Vladimir Gorikkera.

The dramatic history Nedashkovskaya Lialechka merchant`s daughter, who became a fighter squadron of cavalry of the Red Army, held the front road of the Civil War, but in civilian life could not find a place. Drama "The Viper" on the novel by Alexei Tolstoy, directed by Victor Ivchenko. And the role of Lucy Nedashkovskaya charming with unique Nicholas Fedortsova as a young scientist in the adventure comedy George Jungvald-Khilkevich "The formula of the rainbow."

The end of the 60 - 90 years

Juicy brushstrokes Raisa Nedashkovskaya "painted" the whole range of feelings, the whole palette of emotions his characters. It is instant transformations of voice and facial expressions won back the relationship between the characters. Mean, but expressive actress plastic existed in contrast to the poetic and prosaic texts, rich in nuances of a huge internal tension.

This was a friendly character Nedashkovskaya its iconic role of Mary in Magazannik heroic-romantic drama "The Commissioner" in the film director Alexander Askold. Placed in 1967, the picture was released the country`s only twenty years old, because it was banned on charges of "ideological sabotage."

Seriously tuned Nedashkovskaya Anna Saveliev in the historical-adventure TV series Gregory Cohan about the everyday life of militia twenties "born of the revolution" and quiet Tajik Early in the film "Happiness next", and beautiful wife of Prince Vladimir in historical - biographical film "Yaroslav the Wise", and Distinguishing young witch Nedashkovskaya the mysteries of magic in the film, set in the poetic style of Ukrainian folklore, "the voice of the grass," directed by Natalia Motuzko - all these roles are still trembling, recalls the older generation.


Usually Raisa Nedashkovskaya reluctantly agrees to an interview - with the press it has its own complex relationship. Moreover, the actress always tried to get away from the issues of privacy. So, what now lives Raisa Nedashkovskaya - own theater, cinema and new spiritual asceticism ... It teaches the young generation of creativity, trying to fall in love with her in the highest spiritual world - poetry. His credo actress said to help all people go to the era of harmony, love, heart.

. "Peace and love, and the kingdom of heaven in the heart of every one of us because we do not always understand correctly, what is happiness Happiness -. Is to see this divine peace, happiness in children, friendship, unity, and we have bad thoughts -. It is necessary to . just say "shoo" There are difficult moments when it is difficult to do`s when you evaluate the presence of loved ones, you loved people, loved ones, who always support and help you come to a normal state ", -. sure Raisa Nedashkovskaya.


1960 Forest Song

1961 Dmytro Goritsvit

Travel in April 1962

The telephone 1962

1964 Trail Altai

1964 Dream

1965 The Tsar`s Bride

1965 I Want to Believe

1965 Viper

1966 Quenching thirst

1966 Formula rainbow

1967 Commissioner

Error 1968 Honore de Balzac

1971 Bread and salt

1971 Hello, Warsaw!

1972 Julia

1974 Born in Revolution - series

1979 Babylon XX

1979 Happiness close

1980 Fear

1981 Yaroslav the Wise

1986 On the edge of the sword

1989 drayman and King - musical

1991 Melancholic Waltz

1991 Feofania that draws death

1992 Voice of grass - series

1993 Garden of Gethsemane

1993 Lush

1995 Object "Jay"

1996 Roxolana

2001 Prayer Hetman Mazepa

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