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Date of Birth: 03/23/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Ukraine


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Radmila Shchegolev was born March 23, 1974 in Kiev. Name Radmila got aspiring actress from the pope: it just dawned on me, when he saw after the birth of the long-awaited daughter a huge poster: "Kyiv meets famous Yugoslav singer Radmila Karaklaich, in addition to" Radmila ", according to all the same Pope, two names - parliament . and Mila that brings happiness childhood the girl with a very unusual name Radmila, was naredkost usual - kindergarten, school, something like, something of great interest, interested, engaged in all, as many have been normal, ordinary kid. .

Yet the two themes in his life Radmila gave more preference: acting and medicine. Since acting is understandable, because she`s an actress is not in the first generation, hereditary actress: her grandfather - a playwright, was the deputy director of the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theatre, her grandmother very well sung, performed on the stage of the theater, her father - the director of the musical theater and the teacher in the conservatory. But the love of medicine is only from my grandmother: she was fond of alternative medicine, "sat" on herbal teas, never took any tablets, always said that the need for a doctor not some separate entity, and the whole body, lived almost a hundred years old and beloved granddaughter to everything taught. As a result, acting heavier.

"SV-show" and Verka Serduchka

After graduating from the Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Arts. I.Karpenko-Kary, Yuri Mazhukov course, Radmila Shchegolev worked at the Theater Lesia Ukrainka in the House of the actor wanted to take part in a serious play or musical bright, but got to the theater Andrey Danilko, in the television series "SV-show", in a nice and unusual duo: Clitocybe Verka Serduchka and silly dumb Gel.

The work was interesting - everyone has their own role, and work enough - happened more than 20 performances a month. However, existing in a rigid schedule, the actress lost catastrophically other offers, and not so much because of the employment, but because of the stereotype sly and silly gels.

On the one hand, and it was a bit disappointing, but on the other - Radmila Schegoleva did not like was withdrawn modern cinema. So she decided to ride out the crisis of film studies in trains but airplanes, in a theatrical work with Danilko, in the same "SV-show", which lasted for a long time. But good as the bad always comes to an end, apparently, and creative pause Schegoleva bit delayed, and the time has come for a logical separation and tandem Danilko - Shchegolev collapsed. Although the fact that as an actress she might forget, Radmila Shchegolev not worried. After all, one of the wise rightly said: "You are afraid to die So die and be born again?".

Following this wise advice, relaxing from the image of the dumb gels, finding a new partner in the person of a charming Ruslana Pysanka, Radmila Shchegolev took part in the joint project - "Women`s Club". The result was such a TV story, smoothly flowing from the screen into real life, where the leading invited people who had a lot of complexes, which were expressed in the wrong diet, shall communicate to obesity, in the inability to adequately apply themselves and dreams put themselves in a normal state of mind and the corresponding outer shape.


The work in the project and helped to restore the most Radmila Schegoleva both mental and physical strength. Just at this time of her remembered and filmmakers. Radmila Shchegolev made her film debut in the series "Love Island", although in most cases it is to treat them negatively. Following received a tempting offer to the shooting of the film "Roksalana", where she played a major role - temperamental beauty Clara. Then the actress was fortunate enough to work in the Yugoslav project "white suit", directed by and part of its partner on the set was a well-known actor Lazar Ristovski.

Of course, we can not say that Radmila Shchegolev was snapped up by the creators of the films, but it did not bother the actress, she diligently with enviable persistence attended various auditions, gde-to she heard: "No!" And gde-to and approaches to role - the drama "Chorna Rada", the film "New Year`s killer."

2008 in the fate of the actress was a turning point: Radmila starred in two films - in a conscientious project Ukraine, Russia, in "The Hand of happiness" and played a central role in melodrama cheerful Eugene "Surprise me." Full of energy and hope the actress is expecting new kinopredlozheny from director Life

At one time, being seriously ill: the wrong diagnosis was mental and physical stress, which resulted in serious illness, and actress three months practically did not move, Radmila Shchegolev prepared to a sad future, "a humble lamb, deliberately went to perform the worst for yourself scenario: made a will, start handing out decorations, things, writing farewell letters. " Love, talent, patience loved ones brought her almost from invalid state - death was canceled!

Everything turned out, fell into place, got sick to die ... Radmila Shchegolev went into business - with friends opened a recruitment agency: builders, manufacturers of high-quality vodka programmers. There was a revaluation of values: things that money in the life of the actress began to did not seem to mean something. Machinery she does not: First, vision is not very much, and secondly, it is quite emotional, thirdly, loves music and loves to listen to it loud, always twisted is not clear where. Radmila bought an apartment, though not at the expense of Geleen fees, settled near Kiev, in the Forest-Vodice, now walks in the woods with his labrador named Martha and philosophical endeavor to avoid the once heard a cool phrase Nikolai Fomenko: "Old age is not always comes with wisdom . Sometimes she would come alone. "


1995-1996 Love Island - Cerial

1997 Roxolana

1999 White suit

Chorna Rada 2000

2005 New Year`s killer

2008 Hand on happiness

2008 Surprise me

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