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Date of birth: 19.03.1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Toronto

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Rachel Blanchard was born on March 19th 1976 in Toronto, Canada. Her childhood was permeated art - future actress was very fond of theater, cinema and television films are good. In addition, he made itself felt natural gift Rachel - her obvious acting ability was not to hide from others.

At one time, Blanchard studied at Havergal College, which is located in Toronto, and was intended for girls. Study was given to the future actress is easy, because in addition to talent in Rachel Nemer was hard work, commitment and dedication.

Along with the passion for creativity, Rachel Blanchard always had a craving for sports, in particular - to hockey. It is an excellent game, and even participated in competitions at the local level. Often, it turned out the first team. By the way, and now Rachel is still my every waking moment carries on the hockey rink.

After college, Blanchard was admitted to the University in Kingston, but not studied for it in due time, as the preferred training shooting in one of the television series. However, before an inexperienced actress had to undergo special training.

After a while aspiring actress turned into a real a pro - a surprising, original and extremely organic.

Initially, the actress participated in a variety of commercial projects, as well as - to entertain children on the streets, imagining all sorts of characters. Later, Rachel Blanchard has been actively acting in television series, and soon developed into one of the favorites of fans day cinema. Important role (as well as - the role) and she played in the cinema, in which the image of Rachel was always bright and inviting.

actress creative activity was appreciated by the audience and experts in cinema. Blanchard has received many honorary awards and prizes.

Currently, the actress continues to be in the movies and on TV. It plans a lot of fun projects. In addition, she attends one of Canada`s colleges, which is studying psychology.

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