Rachel Beckwith

Picture of Rachel Beckwith

Date of birth: 12.06.2002

Age: 9

Place of Birth: Seattle

Citizenship: United States

Hello World

The story of how Rachel Bekvis, who was born June 12, 2002 in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington), has helped to find water, and thus life, thousands of destitute people on another continent, began with that little girl I decided to collect his birthday 300 dollars and give them to charity. $ 300 to provide clean water to 15 people. She asked her friends and family not to buy her gifts and instead list for $ 9 (because she turns 9 years) organization `charity: water`, about which I heard in my church. A month after his birth the day Rachel was able to collect $ 220, and she told her mother that the next year will try to collect more money.

She loved the song Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) and was a secret fan of Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber), although this has never been recognized by. She had a loving family and a heart that wanted to solve all the problems of this world, which Rachel knew. Once she shorn their hair and donated them to the wigs for kids with cancer. Therefore, when sitting in church with my family, Rachel heard the words of Scott Harrison (Scott Harrison), the founder of `charity: water`, that in Africa (Africa) at the same such children as she does not even have clean water to drink, Rachel immediately decided to help.

A month later, on 20 July 2011, Rachel was riding in the car with his mother and younger sister and an unhappy coincidence, I got into an accident on the highway I-90 near Seattle, in which 13 cars damaged. The trailer crashed into the timber and logs rumblings on the highway. More than a dozen cars were trapped and trailer drove straight into the back of Rachel`s car. Her mother and sister escaped with minor injuries, and nine-year-girl was the only one who really got serious injuries. Rachel is without consciousness was taken to hospital, but doctors were powerless, and 23 July, it was decided to remove her from life support systems.

The pastor of the church, where Rachel went with my parents again launched a web page for donations, which Rachel has created a social network with his mother. News of what happened to the little girl and her wish for his birthday began to spread rapidly. And then something amazing happened - Donations began to come from all over the world. Someone translated 9 dollars, some 19, some even more. Already August 12, 2011 the amount of donations in memory of Rachel exceeded one million dollars. When the campaign ended on October 1, 2011, it was found that in the course of her managed to collect 1,271,713 dollars, which lists 31,980 people from around the world. All employees and volunteers `charity: water` were amazed at the generosity of complete strangers to them people who touched and inspired by the story of Rachel Bekvis.

All funds raised during the campaign, were transferred to partners organizations in the Ethiopian province of Tigray (Tigray, Ethiopia), and those undertaken for the construction of wells to provide the local population with clean drinking water.

Bekvis Samantha (Samantha Beckwith), Rachel`s mother, continues to collect money for a good cause in memory of his daughter, who wanted to help 15 people and saved 60,000.