Quentin Alice Louise Bryce

Picture of Quentin Alice Louise Bryce

Date of Birth: 12/23/1942

Age: 73

Place of birth: Longreach

Citizenship: Australia


Quentin Strachan was born December 23, 1942 in Brisbane, and was the second of four daughters of his father. Parents Quentin Bryce Norman Strachan and Naida Vaytzel married in 1940. Her father worked as a manager. Her mother worked as a teacher before marriage with Strechenom, and later began to work at home repeater. Her family moved in 1949 to Launcheston Tasmania. Back in Queensland they settled in Belmont, where her father got a new wool-scour. Quentin living in Belmont decided to go to Camp Hill State School, where she met her first husband Michael Bryce.

Living in Belmont, her father purchased the property near Tenterfield in New South Wales. 1956 Quentin Strachan arrived in Moreton Bay College, Queensland, Brisbane is close to her parents managed "a couple of stations out west". Studying at the University of Queensland, Quentin was engaged also in social work. In the third year she transferred to the Institute. While studying at the university, she studied also in the Bachelor of Arts from 1962 to 1965 years. In 1964, she married Michael Bryce. In 1965, she became the first woman who was admitted to the University Council even though she had no professional practice.


After a trip to London, Bryce returned to Australia, and decided to devote part of the time teaching home while working in the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Kinsland in 1968, and became the first woman accepted to the faculty. In 1969, she also conducted a lecture on law, Quentin taught at the university until 1983 goda.V 1978 Fraser government created the National Women`s Advisory Council, where Bryce was "vaulted to prominence" with her appointment as advisor, taking on the role of convener in 1982 year. In 1984, Quentin Bryce became the first female director of the information center in the state of Queensland, and was appointed a female representative in the Committee on Discrimination of the rights of employees. She then became the first director of the Australian Human Rights Commission in the State of Queensland (HREOC).

During the five-year period (1988-1993) he worked as the head of the Bryce Commission on sexual harassment in the Hawke government. During her work in this Committee it asked for help about 2,000 people each year. This period is known as the struggle for women`s rights taking place at the legislative level, Sandra MacLean wrote about it, Bryce has been actively working on the legislative level during this time. In 1990, Alexander Proudfoot has created a women`s center in the state of the Australian Capital Territory in which the activity was part of the fight against sexual discrimination in Australia. It reached a peak in 1994, when Bryce headed the HREOC has ceased to criticize the work of Proudfoot.

After finishing the work in the committee on sexual discrimination, Quentin Bryce went to work for the National Children`s Accreditation Council, where she worked for three years, from 1997 to 2003, she worked as an executive officer of the University of Sydney, New South Wales.

Bryce was also chairman of the Council on the fight against breast cancer and was in the women`s cricket team, was one of the organizers of the World YWCA, Australian Children`s Television Foundation and a member of the Association of assistance to children in need of treatment.

The Governor of Queensland

In 2003, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister of Queensland, Peter Beattie, Bryce Elizabeth II appointed Governor of Queensland, Quentin Bryce became the second woman to hold this post. Following the appointment of Bryce Beattie opened the debate on the creation of Queensland Legislative Assembly as a first step in the change management methods. No doubt Beatty was the principal leader of Queensland Legislative Assembly that attracted additional votes for the National Party and the Liberal Party who have been leaders in TV debates.

Bryce during his governorship vsgda not been peaceful, but it took into account the "highly respected figure" for the duration of the post of Governor of Queensland. Concerns raised in the media included the "substantial". When working in the Governor`s Palace Bryce time to be governor, the head of the Queensland Government, the head of administration and the gardener during the whole period), and the use of Government House for private parties. Later Beatty agreed that there was no right to perform particular functions in the Governor`s Palace, especially while Bryce held events in their own pocket, while the Queensland Public Sector Union stated in 2008 that the staff disputes were "with the management as a whole, but there was not anything specific against the Governor ". Most members of the Queensland Government was not happy with the ongoing Brayspolitiki as governor.

In January 2008, it announced a five-year term ended in July 2008. The Prime Minister of the Working Party, Anna Bligh described Bryce as "inspiring leader" while on the Governor`s office, and found Bryce on the work of its "big business" at the regional level, the work of "the whole of Queensland Governor." Governor of Queensland July 29, 2008 was appointed Penelope Winsley.

Governor-General of Australia

April 13, 2008, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, Queen Elizabeth 2 appointed by the Governor Quentin Bryce Australia. Kevin Rudd has supported the appointment of Bryce, as opposition leader, Brendan Nelson, and the leader of the Green Party, Bob Brown, spoke positively on the appointment of Brice. The journalist, Patricia Edgar described the appointment as a Bryce inspired choice, "journalist Jill Singer in the Herald Sun newspaper wrote appointment Bryce Governor determined face across Australia."

With her appointment did not agree Des Houghton, who agree that