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Birthday : 10.04.1970 year

Age: 46 years

Place of birth : Harlem, New York, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Kamal Ibn John Farid

Original name: Kamaal Ibn John Fareed


American star hiphop producer, singer and actor, member of the famous hip-hop group `A Tribe Called Quest`.

Davis was born in Harlem, New York (Harlem, New York). As a child, Jonathan moved with his family to Queens ; he lived for the most part to Linden Boulevard (Linden Boulevard). Davis `s father was originally from Montserrat, British possessions in the Caribbean ;mother was African-American from Alabama. In addition, Q-Tip was a cousin of rapper Consequence and Dres from the group `Black Sheep`, Faith Evans (Faith Evans) and The Notorious B.I.G.

In the mid-90s rapper he converted to Islam and changed his name to Kamal Ibn John Fareed.

Alias Kamal helped invent

Afrika Baby Bam of `Jungle Brothers`. Once, he said ,that the voice of Q-Tip with its softness resembles cotton swabs - `q-tips`. First, the rapper did not like the nickname - he preferred to act under the name of The Abstract; in the future, however, it is surprisingly well caught, and Kamal began to use it in their work.

Now Q-Tip live in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey).For some time the rapper has worked with the team `A Tribe Called Quest`; in 1998 the band split up, and Q-Tip pursued a solo career. Pervyya singles - `Vivrant Thing` and ` Breathe & Stop` - were much closer to pop than to compositions `ATCQ`. In 2002, the musician recorded a record `Kamaal / The Abstract`; Despite positive reviews on the whole ,general availability, it has not arrived - the record company felt that the public is unlikely to share the enthusiasm of critics.

In 2006, `A Tribe Called Quest` reunited in order to play a few gigs. It is a group of the original line up, so that there was a place and a Q-Tip. Soon, the rapper signed a new solo contract- This time with the `Motown / Universal Records`.

`ATCQ` reunited more than once - and almost always belonged to him and Kamal. In 2007, the band performed on the `2K7 NBA Bounce Tour`, a year later - at the ` Rock the Bells Tour `08`. Soon, the musician was able to gain access to your old page on MySpace, located at that time in the hands of its old leadership. Rapper and started negotiations over the rights to his previous record - Kamal decided to buy them, so that in the future form the basis of the new album.

Last record Q-Tip went 4th Nobre of 2008 ; in 2010 she was nominated for ` Gremmi` as ` the best album in rep` style. Now Kamal - along with a whole series of hip-hop producers,like RZA and Pete Rock (Pete Rock) - hired Kanye West (Kanye West), to work on the album `My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy`. Generally, Q-Tip lately much more time to producing and supporting other people`s albums - just before he helped Mark Ronson (Mark Ronson) to release the record `Record Collection`; one of the songs from the album ,`Bang Bang Bang`, later formed the basis of the video clip.

Not long ago, Q-Tip produced the first album Static Selecta (Statik Selektah), `Spell My Name Right`; composition `Stop, Look, & Listen` with him created Styles P and Termanology.

Farid regularly performs as a DJ - especially known for his performance in `Santos Party House`,where he leads a weekly project `OPEN`. In 2008, this party won `Nightlife` from ` Paper Magazine`, as the Best Night The DJ. Speaker Kamal and in New York, at the `Ace`, with a weekly Friday night performance

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