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Purbi Joshi met with the theater, thanks to his father, as a child, Praveen Joshi (a well-known theater director) and mother Sarita Joshi (Alumna Sangeet Academy, film actress).

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"I always wanted to be an actress, so I never was interested in learning," - joking Purbi.

From an early age Purbi have had the opportunity to observe the work of their parents and sisters Ketaki Dave.

"And I`ve always wanted to know when did I start acting before the camera" - recalls Purbi.

Having spent most of his childhood behind the scenes, she learned all the nuances of acting, directing and theater. As soon as she turned 10 years old, she became the model of different brands such as, for example, Shogun Tissues, Wintershield Cream, Thomson TV, Iodex, Liberty Footware, Johnson & Johnson.

Being a model, Purbi closer look at the camera and was ready to conquer the small screen.

In 1995, Purbi got her first role in Faasle and also played in the comedy "Take it Easy".

"I love comedy, and I really enjoyed playing in the Take it Easy" - Purbi explains.

When she took part in ABCL talent contest, she was selected among the top ten.

She recalls:

"We all had a good time in Bangalore, and have learned a lot there. I was upset that ABCL ceased to exist since then."

However, Purbi received proposals for Shenai from UTV, which is number one on Star Plus. She also appeared in several episodes of "Paanch" and currently plays one of the sisters in "Mehendi Tere Naam Ki" on Zee. The latter has made it well-known face in the film industry. But it is with "Dishayen" Purbi have struck its hour of stars:

"I`m so glad that I got the chance to play sisters -. The first twins in a double role, which appeared on the small screen as an actress, I feel satisfied."

How she got the coveted role?

She recalls:

"I worked with Sundeep Dara earlier Shenai, and we were on good terms. In one day, Sundeep called me and asked me to come to audition. A few weeks later I found out that I was approved for the role of Neha and Nikita. All we were very excited because this project was done for the first time. Initially, it was difficult, but once we knew the technique, it has become easier for everyone. "

But playing both roles must have been exhausting for the actress?

"It was exhausting because I had to quickly change the images" - recognized actress.

But her effort paid off as the show gained enormous popularity among the audience.

"We have received a lot of letters from fans from everywhere. Producers Hasmukh Shah, Narendra Kessar and Sundeep Dara did their job very effectively. In fact, the whole team did a great job."

The actress feels that he is on top of a career, or it does not get much recognition?

"Reach the top of the actor is doing very popular among the masses, but located on the satellite channel, each gaining recognition in the film industry, which is important for an actor" - she says.

That actress is thinking about Dishayen?

"The game itself sisters - twins - a noble addition, positive and characters unlike Hindi films where one plays a positive, and the other -. Negative."

How it relates to the sisters Dishayen?

She explains:

"Play Neha was very difficult because I had to be obedient to the typical woman who is happy with his family life. I had to work harder, because in reality I`m very talkative and frank."

Purbi also has a great sense of humor and is a movie buff. What does she think about TV soap operas today?

"Television is out of date almost 20 years ago in the series regression is really tragic I`m glad that such producers as Hasmukh Shah and Parvati Gopalan trying to give new meaning to family drama.." - She says happily.

Much to her regret, Purbi Joshi was unable to star in the second season of the series "Dishayen" because By this time she had already had a lot of contracts with the producers and other physically did not have time to continue working on the show.

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