Publiy Gallien

Picture of Publiy Gallien

Citizenship: Italy


In 253 Halle was declared co-regent with his father, and the following year Valerian sent him to the Rhine-Danube frontier. Here he is in a few years more or less successfully repelled attacks of the Germans (Victor: "O Caesar `, 33). However, they say that the majority of the time he spent at the wine and restaurants, surrounded himself with pimps, prostitutes, and mimes, and ruined in the endless excesses good inclinations given to it by nature. Only taken to the extreme, he became impetuous, brave, energetic and brutal (Pollio: "Thirty Tyrants"; 9).

In 259 Halle defeated Alamanni having advanced almost to the Mediolanum. Meanwhile, news came of the defeat of the Romans at Edessa and the capture of Valerian. Several commanders in different parts of the Empire, proclaimed himself emperor, Gallienus, and I had to keep them resistant: fight. From Gaul he went down to the Illyricum, and pitched at Murcia Ingenuya governor of Pannonia, which thence legions proclaimed Augustus (Victor: "O Caesar `, 33). They write that killing him, Gallo became a terrible way to rage against all meziytsev as soldiers and citizens. He did not leave anyone who had not experienced the cruelty of it, and was so harsh and wild, that in some cities, killed all the men. Many fled to the legate meziytsy Illyricum Regallianu and proclaimed him emperor. But in 260 and Halle won Regalliana (Pollio: "Thirty Tyrants", 9-10).

When all these matters were resolved favorably in excess of expectations, Galle, with characteristic people as usual, has become too careless of luck and instructed all state administration will of fate (Victor: "O Caesar `, 33). He wallowed in luxury and vice, not doing anything but fun and revelry. Convey that it was nice and as a speaker and as a poet and distinguished in all the arts, but these qualities do not make him a good emperor .. According Pollio he used to arrange the bedroom of roses and build fortifications fruit, tables are always covered gold tablecloths and hair dusted with gold powder. News of the riots, the devastating raids of the barbarians, epidemics and natural disasters, he took a frivolous jokes (Pollio: `Two Gallieni` 4, II, 16-17).

Taking advantage of the weakness of the emperor, the West rushed to seize power Posthumous, who headed the barbarians in Gaul. In 259, he proclaimed himself emperor, and soon conquered all Gaul, and then conquered Britain and Spain (Victor: "O Caesar `, 33). Gallen with his generals and Aureolus Claudius started against Posthuma war that was fought with great tenacity. Posthumous received a lot of support groups from the Celts and Franks. After many battles, had a different outcome, victory was on the side Posthuma, and he ruled Gaul until his death in ten years.

Among so many disasters caused by war, in 262, there was still a terrible earthquake. The earth shook Rome and Libya, but it is an even greater misfortune was in Asian cities. In many places they formed crevices and collapsed many buildings. Some cities were inundated by seas. Following the re-intensified plague that devastated the entire Roman world. Only in the capital the same day were dying from the disease up to five thousand people. The collapse of the empire in the meantime continued. all the lands beyond the Danube have been lost, and in 264 Odaenathus proclaimed himself emperor in the East (Pollio: `Two Gallieni`; 4-5, 7, 10). Hordes francs, pillaging Gaul, Spain seized, ruined and almost destroyed the city of Tarraco, and receiving timely ships even reached Africa. Goths in 267-268 years. freely entered into Thrace and Macedonia occupied, Aheyu and near Asia Land (Victor: "O Caesar `, 33). With great difficulty, they were defeated Venerianom first, and then the Athenians and retreated into Illyricum. Gallo, is concerned, finally, public calamity, met here with the barbarians, and many interrupted (Pollio: `Two Gallieni`; 13). But the continuation of the war has diverted his betrayal Aureolus, who openly sided with the Posthuma. In 268 Gallienus defeated the rebels and drove them to Mediolanum. Caught in such extremes, Aureolus decided on the following trick: he made a list of names of commanders and military tribunes Gaul, if awarded them to death, and with the greatest caution secretly dropped from the list of the city walls; he was accidentally picked up by the persons referred to in it, and inspired them to fear and suspicion about the penalty assigned to them. For this reason, there was a conspiracy among the generals of Gaul.

Late at night, under the pretext of allegedly began attacks of the enemy, the emperor was forced out of his tent. As it usually happens in the bustle and anxiety, he was left without any protection, and has been pierced - whose name remained unknown iz-za darkness. When Gallen after a heavy loss of blood from the gash realized that he is approached death, he posted signs of his power to Claudius, who held the rank of tribune auxiliary detachment in Ticino (Victor: "O Caesar `, 33).