Péter Tamas Viczai

Picture of Péter Tamas Viczai

Date of Birth: 08/11/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Szombathely

Citizenship: Hungary


Peter Tamas Vitsa race. November 8, 1967 in the city of Szombathely, Hungary. He studied at the secondary and high school. After graduating from the Szeged Pedagogical Institute and obtaining the bachelor`s degree, he continued his studies at the Moscow State Institute of Russian Language. Pushkin.

In 1994 he graduated from the master`s degree, and in 1996, the graduate school. As a master, and the master`s thesis devoted to Eurovision Song creativity of Vladimir Vysotsky.

In 1993, in the journal "Russian language abroad," the first scientific article about the young researcher Vladimir Vysotsky was published. Then, on the initiative of the chief editor A. Abramovich, he became a member of the international editorial board.

The decisive role in the creative biography of Peter Vitsa played a familiarity with the professor of Russian Language Institute of the State. Pushkin, Dr. Phil. Sciences ND Burvikovoy.

Later he became a welcome guest on pages of other Russian magazines. Works of Peter Vitsa of Vysotsky`s works were published more and more. Particularly striking was the year 2000 when, under the editorship of a young scientist in Hungary appeared "Jubilee collection in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky on the 20th anniversary of the death of the actor, poet, bard and Man."

Since 2006, Peter Vitsa is regularly published in various Russian literary journals, as well as the "Russian Messenger" in the Russian-language newspaper in Budapest.

In the same 2006 on the personal initiative of outstanding Russian poet Rimma Kazakova, he was admitted to the Union of Writers of Moscow.

He is married to Natalia V. Gushchin, a graduate of the State Institute of Pushkin Russian Language in Moscow.

Public activity

In 1994, Peter Vitsa was passed in the Hungarian non-governmental organization "Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature of the North-Transdanubian region of Hungary." In 2006, elected its chairman and editor in chief of the magazine "Russian language today."

In 2008 he was awarded a commemorative medal with the image of Vysotsky and an honorary diploma from the Samara Regional Public Foundation "Center of it. Vysotsky in Samara. " Nikita Vysotsky monitors the activities of Peter Vitsa and recognize his work. This, in particular, by the fact that it is the numerous author of the preface to his books, and in 2008, invited the Hungarian researchers to take part in celebrations on the occasion of the celebration of the seventieth birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky in Moscow.

He was awarded the memorable diploma of the First Secretary of the Moscow Writers` Union Rimma Kazakova and certificate of honor literary association "Lute Oriol."


The most significant publication in Russian was a book by Peter Vitsa "Hungarian pages of life and work of Vladimir Vysotsky" (Eger, 2006).

Modern Russian poet Leonid Volodarsky said about the work of Peter Vitsa: "His writings were not a repetition of what and so in large numbers appear, and there is the homeland of modern classics. They are unique, no one else like character. And not without reason Vitsa Hungarian Peter made his understanding of space Vysotsky so interesting that he became one of the most authoritative experts on the work of the great bard and among Russian readers! "

In the 2010-2011 academic year Vitsa Peter lived and worked in Africa, in Accra, where he taught Russian language at the University of Ghana and has promoted creativity Vysotsky among young intellectuals of this country.