Preet Bharara

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Place of birth: Firozpur

Citizenship: United States

Formidable fighter with the terrorists, mafia and crooks on Wall Street

The prosecutor Bharara pursued several international terrorists. In his submission received a life sentence such famous fighters as Faisal Shahzad (Faisal Shazad), tried to arrange a terrorist attack in Times Square. Bharara again drew public attention to the fraud charges 39-year-old Deviani Khobragade (Devyani Khobragade), which led to tensions in India-US relations.

`Prit` Pritinder Singh Bharara, the son of a Sikh father and mother-Hindu women, born in 1968, in Firozpur, Punjab, India (Ferozepur, Punjab, India). The spark of desire to become a lawyer broke out at a young Preity even in the seventh grade when he read the play Inherit buryu` `(` Inherit the Wind`). He grew up in a suburb of Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States (Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA), and in 1986 graduated from Ranney School. In 1990, Bharara graduated with honors from Harvard College (Harvard College), and in 1993 - the Faculty of Law at Columbia University (Columbia Law School).

Bharara served as the principal adviser to the senator of New York (New York) Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer) and played a leading role in the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary during a prosecutorial crisis, the resignation of eight US federal prosecutors. He was an assistant US attorney in Manhattan for five years, during which opened a criminal case against the Gambino crime family and mafia Colombo family, as well as against Asian gangs in New York.

Bharara was nominated for the post of US Attorney for the Southern District of New York President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) May 15, 2009-th. The candidature was approved by a unanimous decision of the US Senate, and Bharara was sworn in on August 13, 2009.

Bharara indicted Pakistani neuroscientist Siddiqui Aafii (Aafia Siddiqui) for the attempted murder of US soldiers in Afghanistan (Afghanistan). In 2010, she was sentenced to 86 years in prison. He was also involved in a matter of four people who participated in the plot to blow up synagogues in Riverdale (Riverdale). In February 2011, the first `pirate our vremeni`, Somali hijacker ships Abduvali MUSE (Abduwali Muse), was sentenced by Manhattan federal court more than 33 years in prison. Abduvali prosecution engaged in the management under the Prov.

In November 2011 the Prosecutor`s Office, headed by Bharara condemned `barona` weapons, the Russian international arms dealer Viktor Bout, for trying to smuggle weapons into the hands of Colombian rebels who intend to use the parcel against US troops.

On April 13 2013, Bharara was one of the 18 Americans who were denied entry to the Russian Federation for the alleged violation of human rights. Compiled list was a direct response to the so-called `list Magnitskogo`, where he first figured as 18 people.

Bharara - a longtime fan of the musician Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen). In October of 2012, at a concert in Hartford, Connecticut (Hartford, Connecticut), before they perform the song `Death to My Hometown`, Springsteen shouted:` This is for Preet Bharara `!

Entrepreneur Vineet Bharara (Vinit Bharara), brother though is one of the founders of Diapers.com, a subsidiary of Internet service Amazon.com.