Praskovia Bogoraz

Picture of Praskovia Bogoraz

Citizenship: Russia


M.P.Shebalin of Bogoras:

"... Praskovya Fedorovna Bogoras student Bestuzhev courses.

Praskovya Fedorovna was a very reserved person, quickly converge with people she did not know how, because the one who knew little, glimpsed, could make it an entirely false impression. Pretty well-read, she liked to talk, and theoretical disputes and treated with a kind of contempt for ordinary conversation, entertainment, jokes and fun. It gave her a coloring behavior severity, although, in fact, she was not averse to (albeit in very close company) and pobalagurit and laugh. Generally, this severity was not in it: it is remarkably soft, even lovingly, gently refers to people sometimes joke skrashivaya any disapproving your review about this or that person or that other act. This playful attitude she would have said that we are all sinners, and that the person does not lose its good location. If any person or the fact it deserved condemnation, it is expressed in words, and in the behavior of very categorically, but without harshness. Typical was the perseverance and thoroughness with which Praskovya Fedorovna performed every work, important or unimportant.

For example, her first lived in a completely different situation, had to learn to keep house for the bourgeois. I had to cook meals to order, and give instructions on how to prepare dishes, most cook, go to the market for groceries talk with wipers of different economic concerns and pr., word play the role of hostess, and the role she has learned to perfection in a very short time. Set it very difficult to give, and here it is almost intact .nochami sitting behind the cash register. The party against Praskovya Fyodorovna was very valuable, faithful man who unquestioningly obey party discipline.

Since Praskovya Fyodorovna was Jewish, she had a wedding to perform another rather unpleasant procedure, namely baptism. While a missionary in St. Petersburg was Archpriest B. It is easiest, t. E. With fewer formalities, you could be baptized. Baptized by him many students, entered into a real, not a sham marriage with Christians. She came to him, and Praskovya Fedorovna. He began to educate its "light of the teachings of Christ" by appointing for this seems to be one hour per week.

Comes up to me one day after a session at the priest`s my betrothed "bride", clearly agitated and angry. According to her, the missionary strongly inhibited its prayers, catechism, and all sorts of moralizing. Simply, he became attached to it. Unhappy with its successes, threatened to delay baptism quite a long time, yet there was Easter week, and after Easter we decided was to get married, move to a new apartment and start a business. I immediately suspected the behavior of a venerable archpriest selfish motives, but Praskovya Fedorovna, completely unaware of our priests, protested against such speculation. "