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Date of birth: 31.01.1973

Age: 43

Citizenship: Australia


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Portia de Rossi was born January 31, 1973 in Australia. It is a popular actress, star of many well-known TV series and movies. So the girl has gained popularity due to its links with non-traditional Ellen Dedzheneris.

Real name Porte de Rus- sia Amanda Lee Rogers. Her mother worked in a hospital, so she did not have a large capacity and money. In the days of his youth he dreamed of Portia stellar career of the actress. Even in school, she started filming for various children`s television series and commercials. When she was 15 years old she took a pseudonym Portia de Rossi.

After graduating from elementary school Portia de Rossi entered the College of Law. During her studies she received an offer from a major Australian producer who, ultimately, did the girl from the star of the global scale.

Portia de Rossi starred in such film as "Sirens" starring Hugh Grant and Sam Neil. So she became a star of the movie "Scream 2", where she played with Nevom Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette.

One of the last works of the actress was the film "Women in Film" is based on the book by Bruce Wagner`s "I`m losing you." Portia starred with celebrities like Beverly D`Angelo and Marianne Jean Baptiste.

Just one of the brightest work Portia de Rossi is a film "Kletis - salesman", where she plays the role of a girl in love. In the film, attended by such actors as Richard Dreyfuss and RuPaul.

The most popular pictures of the actress was the film "American Intellectuals", "Generation apart", "Girl", "Invisible," "Scream 2," "Sirens", "Shame", "Woman in the moonlight."

She also co-starred in such shows as "Ally McBeal", "Nelle Porter," "Frenot Nick," "Veronica`s Closet".

Portia de Rossi fairly bright and intelligent actress. But it has become widely known among viewers not only for his paintings, but also noisy headlines of the tabloid press. Recently, she confided in her homosexual and communication with famous Hollywood actress Ellen Dedzheneris. The girls live together in their luxurious residences in Los Andzhelessa. Portia insists on a legal relationship, so in the near future the lovers plan to officially register the relationship.

Portia de Rossi talented and possesses great potential for the actress. In the near future she plans to star in films of several famous Hollywood directors.

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