Porter Goss

Picture of Porter Goss

Date of Birth: 11/26/1938

Age: 77

Place of birth: Vaterburg

Citizenship: United States

Goss-fear of terrorists

US President George W. Bush has finally decided on the candidacy for the post of head of the Central Intelligence Agency: 65-year-old Porter Goss.

Goss - a Republican congressman from Florida. For 8 years he has led the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. If the Senate approves his candidacy, Goss will return to his first place of employment.

Porter Goss from Connecticut, graduated from Yale University in 1960. Immediately after graduation he went to work in intelligence, first in the Army and then the CIA Directorate engaged in covert operations.

Before you go into politics, Goss for nearly 10 years worked at the intelligence agencies. On his previous work, including in Europe and Latin America, he does not like to propagate. But he admits that was in Miami during the Cuban missile crisis. He tells reporters that there had been a lot of "very interesting things." What - it is unknown. On their audience hardly ever even know their memoirs Goss.

British "Times" of the future head of the CIA suspected of involvement in the numerous attempts to overthrow the regime of Fidel Kastro.Zarazivshis in the early 70`s staph infection, Goss recovered in the Florida town of Sanibel. Florida`s climate is not only helped him to recover, but also to get into politics. In 1988, Goss was elected from that state in Congress. He served in the US Congress 16 years, half of that time headed the Intelligence Committee. Goss even thought that he was in this position for too long, but after the September 11 attacks, decided to stay. The president and vice president have supported him in this.

Along with Bob Graham, who was then head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Goss led the special investigation, which revealed numerous shortcomings in the activities of the intelligence services.

Following the resignation of the former head of the CIA, George Tenet Goss always considered among the possible candidates for the post. The main factors were his experience in the exploration and management committee, which monitors the work of the CIA and 14 other intelligence services in the US. Before Goss sole congressman, then became head of the CIA, was George Bush - senior.

According to Bush, Goss - kakraz the one who needs the intelligence community at this difficult moment in American history. However, if the White House will have the right to appoint a so-called "king of Intelligence" oversees the intelligence community, the new head of the CIA will lose some of their rights. Head of Department will be required to report to the "king." Only it is not known how the new structure will look like. Bush and Goss has not yet had time to discuss this topic. How to behave in this situation, new head of the CIA, it is also unclear. Previously, he only criticized the actions of the intelligence services, and now he will have to answer for these actions himself. By the way, Tenet called many criticisms of politicians to address the CIA "absurd" and groundless. "

Bush believes that the experience of Goss as the secret agent will help him in his new position is better to use the work of spies. Do not rely on just one technological advances, it is necessary to penetrate terrorist networks, Bush said. "The potential and power of our intelligence - in humans," - in turn, stressed Goss.

Tenet left the control of July 11, since the position of director performed his first deputy, John McLaughlin. It is understood that he is also expected to get the post of Director. Upon learning that Bush chose Goss, McLaughlin "squeezed" out of himself the official press release, which consists of two paragraphs. In the first, he congratulated Goss appointment and said that he knows the role played by intelligence "to protect our freedoms." In the second paragraph McLaughlin called Goss "friend" who appreciates the contribution to the protection of the country working in the intelligence of people.

Adoption Goss in the Senate could be difficult for the White House. Democrats in the Senate have already condemned his appointment. According to them, it is too "party" for the post of CIA director. According to Democrats, it is dangerous to appoint to the post of the head of the intelligence agency of man, who is so kind to the interests of his party.

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV of, a Democrat from Virginia, said that replacing Tenet should be the man who proved his independence and ability to restore confidence in the intelligence community. George W. Bush believes that Goss on the shoulder, not only to restore confidence in the intelligence, but also to instill fear in the terrorists.