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Date of Birth: 08/10/1986

Age: 30

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Polina Filonenko was born on the outskirts of Leningrad, Kalinin in a residential area. My parents worked all his life at the factory for the machine. At the factory I went and older brother of Pauline Roman. The girl grew up beautiful, attractive, and at nine years old my parents sent her to the theater department of the Okhta Center for Humanities and aesthetic education. Here, parallel studies in the school, she spent seven years teaching them the basics of acting

By the end of the Pauline school established in the intention of becoming an actress. It is likely that she would go to the capital to do a theatrical institution, if not a love story. In the eleventh grade, she met a young man, which did not want to leave, so opted for admission theater school "School of Russian Drama. I.O.Gorbacheva ". However, this does not regret it. "I think I did not learn in high school of St. Petersburg, it would not be me those roles in the movies", - says Pauline.

Bright debut in the movie

In the period of study, on the stage of educational theater, Polina Filonenko played roles in "Cruel Intentions" by Arbuzov (Nelly), "The Last" by Maxim Gorky (Faith), "Light breath" (Olya Meshcherskaya), "Galya Ghana" by Bunin (Gal). A fourth year student aspiring actress luck in the film - she took on the "Lenfilm" your photos, and they called me two weeks later and invited to sample directly to two films: "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky (the role of Sonia Marmeladov) and " Yar "by Sergei Yesenin (Linden role).

Pauline admits that the audition for the film "Jar" ??director Marina Razbezhkina she is very worried. Still - play a major role in the film adaptation of the novel by Sergei Yesenin! The young actress was to create an image of a country girl with a very difficult fate, which ultimately commits suicide. And she did it brilliantly.

The invitation to audition for "Crime and Punishment" Polina Filonenko apprehended with enthusiasm (even to stay at the very Dmitry Svetozarova). However, in that it is approved at such a significant role, especially the girl did not believe. The director is already at the first meeting saw the actress that was looking for - the image of a humble, timid little girl with a gentle expression on his face, and blue eyes. This Sonia Marmeladov! Paulina auditioned paired with actor Vladimir Koshevoi, and both of them were approved.

Polina Filonenko acknowledges that the image of Sony is very close to her: "This is a difficult role, but I can not say that it is my resistance. At that time, Sonia was especially close to me. I am a believer, although not to the same extent as Sonia, prayers, I do not know, but I believe in God, and I do not understand atheists such as Raskolnikov. In my mind simply can not understand how you can do some things that he did, and I was transferred to a role. "

Filming on the series "Crime and Punishment" became a serious challenge for the actress. She recalls: "Svetozar unusually attentive and sympathetic man, he became for me is not a director, and teacher. Because I really did not know how to behave in front of the camera and even get out of the picture frame! "Polina was capable student, listening to the advice of the director, she managed to regroup just three days. Good relationships have developed and actress with the stars of our cinema who starred in the film - Elena Yakovleva and Yury Kuznetsov. The experience gained by Polina Filonenko on the set of "Crime and Punishment", proved to be invaluable, laying the foundation for her future career.

In the wake of Success

With a light hand and Svetozarova Razbezhkina Polina Filonenko confidently entered the world of big cinema. The success she used quite reasonable. From the received offers to star in TV series actress categorically refused, preferring a "complete meter". "There are those who deliberately carry the collapse of a career in the author`s cinema, and I can not afford it, because I like to go to festivals, to be in Cannes and stand alongside Robert De Niro and Sean Penn. So I do not agree to act in films, with 100 episodes, and a half or two years. It is better for this time I take in 17 movies, somewhere I`ll be in the fifth row, but somewhere in the main character, "- confessed to Pauline in an interview.

Despite the rejection of the series unemployed Polina did not stay. After graduating from the Institute of Theatre she regularly appeared in films. teen idol made her role in the film Rebel Katie Valeria Gai Germanicus "Everybody Dies But Me". The painting was exhibited with success at international festivals in Cannes and Munich. And at the European Film Festival in Brussels Polina Filonenko together with co-star Olga Kuznetsova and Agnia Shuvalova was awarded the Prize for Best Actress.

Was successful and work in the 12-series film "I`ll be back", tells the story of three sisters Rostopchin in the Great Patriotic War. The main role in the movie performed Elizabeth Boyar, and Pauline played her friend Tonya, Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp. The shooting took place in Pavlovsk. Especially were built barracks, carefully recreated the terrible atmosphere. The actress says: "... it was very scary around there were some" Germans ". We`re in the mud, and they are clean, there I felt awful: all wood, nowhere to go. Once she saw the soldiers go by, they have probably close to a military unit, and I`m so happy, I thought: "Russian !!!" It felt as if everything is real. "

The theme of war, but already today, and sounded in the drama directed by Igor Voloshin "Olympus Inferno". Picture - a response to the tragic events that took place in 2008 in South Ossetia. Polina Filonenko played a major role - the Russian journalist Eugene, and her partner, playing the role of the American entomologist, he has become an Israeli actor David Henry. Once in the thick of the outbreak of war, the heroes of the film have a lot of running, jumping, escape from gunshots and explosions ... All the tricks Pauline and David voluntarily performed themselves.

Also in the period from 2009 to 2010 she played leading roles in the films: "I will show you Moscow" (Yan), "Woman-Winter" (Irma), "Therapy of love" (Julie), "Love without rules" (Faith ).


2006 Yar

2007 My Happiness

2007 Crime and Punishment

I`ll be back in 2008

2008 Blind-3. Weapons of retaliation

2008 Everybody Dies But Me

2008 Paper Soldier

2009 I will show you Moscow

2009 From the back door

2009 Olympus Inferno

2009 Woman winter

2009 Europe-Asia

2009 Highway Patrol - 3

2009 Vasilevsky Island

2009 The marriage contract

2010 Love Therapy

2010 Love without rules

2010 Gromozeka

2010 Loafers

2010 Without Men

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