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Year of birth : 1953

Age: 62 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Legends of the early rock - n-roll

`The Platters` - one of the most famous and popular vocal groups in the heyday of rock `n ` roll in the United States (United States). The group was founded in 1953 in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California), and together with an original composition performed until, 1970. The total circulation of the plates was 89 million copies, and the participants have won more than 230 awards and have been included in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ; More than 40 groups of singles fell into the hits ` Hot hundred Billboard`, and four of their songs appeared on the top of the American charts.After the breakup of the band founded their own group and began to fight for the original name of the group. Today in America continue to advocate groups, based on the basis of the legendary band : `The World Famous Platters`,` Sonny Turner`s Platters` and `The Platters featuring the Legendary Monroe Powell`.The only living original members `The Platters` is Sonny Turner (Sonny Turner), which, however, was not one of the founders of the group, but has come to replace Tony Williams (Tony Williams).

`The Platters` Group was founded in 1953, was composed of four young men and one woman. In the first months of the band changed often, and only at the end of 1953, the band`s manager, Ralph Bass (Ralph Bass) was satisfied with the sound. The first official `The Platters` steel Tony Williams (Tony Williams), David Lynch (David Lynch), Paul Robi (Paul Robi), Herb Reed (Herb Reed) and Ash Taylor (Zola Taylor).Soon after the founding of the group signed a contract with the `Federal Records`, but in spite of lucrative tours and success among fans, was not able to express themselves in the US charts and, accordingly, had huge problems with the implementation of the plates. With the help of Buck Ram (Buck Ram), the band signed with the label `Mercury Records`,whose members have agreed to cooperate with `The Platters`, if the contract will be signed with the popular group on the day of ` The Penguins`, who also worked with Buck. Interestingly, during the following years completely luck turned away from `The Penguins` and, ironically ,`The Platters` turned into one of the most popular groups of the United States just a few years.

The first major success of `The Platters` began writing ` Only You`, which after in 1955 entered the top 10 country songs, and over the next decades was one of the most beloved songs. The second group`s success - composition `The Great Pretender`, the text for which was written by Williams in the bathroom of the hotel ` Flamingo Hotel` in Las Vegas - not only was able to repeat the success of the debut, but even took first place in the American charts, which lasted 11 weeks.

In 1956, to secure popularitythe band appeared in the movie `Rock Around the Clock`, performing two hits.

Despite the growing excitement around creativity around `The Platters`, in the mid-1950s, no one could not have imagined that five from Los Angeles outshine most of the vocal groups of all time and will write your name in history. They further write - `I`m Sorry`,`He`s Mine`,` Enchanted` and `The Magic Touch` - steadily made their way into the national charts and enjoyed populyarnostyudazhe in Europe.

Over the next five years, the group remained on the wave of popularity, but then, in the early 1960s, the former glory gradually began to recede. A strong blow to the group was the departure of Williams ,which was the most favorite member of the band and its new replacement - Sonny Turner (Sonny Turner), - in spite of the outstanding vocal abilities, could not compete with him. Shortly before that the band members were detained by police on suspicion of drug use and, even though the prosecution and was not justified ,Many radio stations have turned away from the group and put them away songs from rotation.

One by one the founders of `The Platters` started to leave, hoping to solo success. In 1970, Sonny Turner, the last member of the group, announced his retirement, which is considered to be the end of the original ` The Platters`. But this is not the end ,as the name for a profitable broke a serious struggle, and for the next several decades, the trophy - the group name and the songs - passed from hand to hand. At the same time on stage playing several groups based ilisamimi participants `The Platters` or someone from the team managers and the producers of the original team. Interestingly, that the fight has not stopped to this day, but now it is hardly possible to say which of the groups closest to account for the legendary `The Platters` 1950. The only living member of the original composition is Sonny, who acts as the group `Sonny Turner`s Platters`. In 2012, the 83 th year of life died Herb ReedWhich is among the top five, which was founded in 1953 in California.

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