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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of birth : Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship : United States


As one of the pioneers of the alternative movement 90, "Pixies" we used a lot of different styles to create your own sound. Taking a little of punk, indie, guitar rock, classic pop, surf, they subsequently paved the way to the summit of Olympus rock groups such as the "Nirvana".The team was founded in Boston in 1986, when Charles Thompson kicked out of college. The guy convinced his friend and neighbor in the room, too, Joey Santiago leave this useless institution and do serious business, ie music.

Two guys called in the company of bassist Kim Deal "Breeders",and she, in turn, brought an " informer " David Lovringa. Now that the structure was fully staffed, Thompson took the stage name Black Francis and the group named itself "Pixies". The staff pretty quickly gained popularity in the vicinity of Boston and soon received an offer to warm up his countrymen from "Throwing muses".PixiesEto joint tour came to the attention of producer Gary Smith, and he agreed to try the team in the studio. The first attempt to "Pixies" of this kind was the 18 - song demo "The purple tape". It was followed by a contract with the British company "4AD Records" and EP output "Come on pilgrim". In the spring of 1988-th band released their first full-length, "Surfer Rosa". Producer Steve Albini added in the sound field and stiffness, but the "Pixies" kept the melodic basis. Album often drove US student radio station at what "Surfer Rosa" has found a place in the British charts.

1998-The year ended with the signing of the contract label "Elektra Records", on which they released their second LP. "Doolittle", which had a cleaner sound, rightfully earned rave reviews from the public. The singles "Monkey gone to heaven" and "Here comes your man" caught in shtatovskih modern- rock Top 10 than helped " Doolittle " climb in the first hundred landscape. The support plate held a national tour, adding his thanks to the popularity of bizarre performances.

PixiesV early 1990 "Pixies" took a little time out, during which Black Francis organized a solo tour, and Kim Deal has collected the second version of "Breeders". In summer, the group resumed its activities and recorded a third album. "Bossanova" differed less sharp and relatively atmospheric sound, and the lack of songs from the pen of Kim Deal. Thanks to hits "Velouria" and "Dig for fire" plate has become very popular among American students. In addition, the album was ranked third place in the British charts ,than to provide a place for "Pixies" at the festival in Reading.

At its fourth and final opus team turned back to the hard hard rock sound. In support of the "Trompe Le Monde" group conducted its own tour, and later acted as a warm-up to the "U- 2 ". At the end of the tour, Thompson officially announced the dissolution of the "Pixies".Charles began a solo career under the name Frank Black and Kim Deal is back in the "Breeders".

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