Pipin Gerystalskiy

Picture of Pipin Gerystalskiy

Age: 79

Place of birth: Herstal

Citizenship: Germany


Pepin became the head avstraziyskoy nobility, hostile against the mayor of the palace of Burgundy and Neustria, Ebroin, and does not want to recognize his authority over Austrasia. Fighting Neustria, interrupted Ebroin victory over Pepin, near Lana, in 680, resumed at one of the receivers Ebroin Berger. In 687, after the victory at Tertre (near Saint-Quentin) on neystriytsami Pepin captured King Theodoric III and made of mayor of the palace to plead all the Frankish state.

Pepin of Herstal, intelligent and courageous Mayor of the Palace, after the victory at Tertre in 687 power in Neustria and Burgundy moved into his arms, the position of mayor of the palace became hereditary, and Pepin took the title of dux et princeps Francorum. The role of the King was the void, he was completely eliminated from the cases.

Pepin restored long ago broken in neystriyskom public order. Especially, he suppressed the abuse of officials, dukes and counts and urged them to be fair to the people. He also returned to the order of the church, was inside the intervention in civil wars, in a state of turmoil not less than secular society. Pepin summoned a council of bishops and made the decision to take it helpful. It should be noted that Pepin did not think about the connection of the two kingdoms into one and has agreed to the transfer, at least nominally, a part of their power prerogatives of the most approximate to his people. So in Neustria was restored post of mayor of the palace, inherited first adherent Pepin Norbert, and then passed over approximately 701 to the youngest son of Pepin Grimoald. And in Burgundy Pepin entrusted the command of self-Burgundian army to his eldest son Dragoni.

Meanwhile, in the Aquitaine receiver Lupa Evdon whose name is found in historical sources dating from about the year 700, to assert his authority over the majority of the communities between the Loire and the Pyrenees, and seem to deserve, if not the title of king, then at least the title of "first in Aquitaine," as he called it some modern authors, thus he became an opponent of Pepin in the struggle for power. The process covered and Provence, who was under the authority of the governor-patrician Antenor. After 700 years ago got rid of the northern custody.

Although Pepin lost control of southern Gaul, but got it in the north and east, in the German part of Gaul. Without limiting the mobilization of its servicemen people Pepin sumelsobrat people`s militia. Due to this, he managed to hold back the Saxons that raided Thuringia, and on ancestral lands francs, along the Ruhr Valley.

After a campaign against the Alemanni in 709, the Frankish liberated from dependence, after the death of Dagobert I, increased the number of trips made with the purpose to force them to return to duty. At the same time, not been questioned by the question of the independence of the duchy in Alemannia.

Pepin again made part of the Kingdom Rhine Freese, who, after the crisis of the Merovingian state, also became independent. To solve this Pepin Geristalsky spent several annual military campaigns (between 690 and 695), the main purpose of which was the conquest of the city Dorstadt. The city, at that time became the center of trade in Frisia [citation needed], its ruler was Radbod. It took a systematic plantation in the country of military settlements. After that Pepin had the largest companies in the country`s evangelization. Then, to strengthen the authority of Pepin she married his son to the daughter of Radbod Tedezinde.

Pepin himself claimed the throne of the Merovingian kings. [? Source] When King Theodoric III died in 691, Pepin made him king synaHlodviga IV, who reigned for only four years and died in 695; late brother Childebert III died in 711; Pepin and again, all alone and does King Childebert son Dagobert III. Pepin was not trying to take the throne himself, fearing a direct and explicit insults feelings of loyalty, which continued to nourish the Merovingian dynasty, as the aristocracy and the common people, and not wanting to hasten the course of events. [Citation needed]

From his wife Plectrude Pepin had two sons. However, the eldest son of the Dragon died in 708, and the second son was killed by Grimoald Liege in 714, when he went to visit his sick father, who turned to the then eighty years. From the side of his wife Alpaidy old Mayor of the Palace he had a son Charles. However, as its receiver Pepin submitted for approval by the statesmen of his grandson Teodoalda son Grimoald, who just turned 6 years old only. In this choice clearly felt hand Plectrude ambitious grandmother. She hoped thereby to remove from inheriting son Alpaidy. Immediately after Pepin`s death, which followed 16 December 714, she told Karl to isolate, intending to rule autocratically, as regent of his grandson.