Pietro Taricone

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Date of Birth: 04/02/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Frosinone

Citizenship: Italy


Author: Elena Murzina

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Pietro Tarikone son Francesco (Francesco Taricone) and Rita Tarikone (Rita Taricone), was born on February 4, 1975 in the town of Frosinone, Lazio region in central Italy (Frosinone, Lazio, Italy), spent his childhood in Caserta, Region Campania (Caserta, Campania) - there continues to live his family. Pietro grew up with his brother Maurizio (Maurizio Taricone) and sister named Lella (Lella Taricone). After receiving a bachelor`s degree, Pietro began to study law, but did not finish the training.

In 2000, having tried many professions, Pietro was one of the participants of the first season of the show `Grande Fratello`, and after three days negozavyazalsya affair with another party to show Spitting Cristina (Cristina Plevani), which became the winner of the program. Tarikone took only third place, but in the end won no less - it drew attention, and soon Pietro began his career as film and television actor. Curiously, after the resounding success on the `Grande Fratello` Italian manufacturer of disposable diapers for children Tarikone offered to star in a series of commercials, because they just wanted a macho type diaper commercials. However Tarikone this work declined. For 10 years, the actor managed to play 11 roles.

During the filming military drama `` Vest`` Radio (Radio West, 2003) Pietro met with Polish model Kasia Smutnyak (Kasia Smutniak), turned into an Italian actress. They started dating, and September 4, 2004 was born their daughter Sophie (Sophie). In early 2008, Kasia and Pietro briefly broke off their relationship, but soon again lived together in Rome (Rome).

In June 2010, Tarikone Smutnyak and decided to jump with a parachute over Terni, Umbria (Terni, Umbria), together with a group of other athletes. It was not the first jump Pietro, he regularly parachute jump. During the jump was something unexpected - for whatever reason, whether due to a sharp gust of wind, or due to wrong maneuver, Pietro opened his parachute only when he was already 100 meters above the ground. The parachute was unable to slow down its fall, and the actor hit the ground with great force. He is very hurt his back and legs, suffered a serious head injury, multiple fractures, he began internal bleeding and cardiac arrest. The actor died on June 29, 2010, after a nine-hour surgery at the age of 35 years. Tarikone body was cremated and his ashes placed in the family tomb in the village of Trazakko (Trasacco).

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