Pieter Willem Botha

Picture of Pieter Willem Botha

Date of Birth: 01/12/1916

Age: 90

Place of birth: Paul Roux

Nationality: South Africa


Peter Bothe - the latter a strong supporter of apartheid among the presidents of South Africa - 90 years old. The most unexpected congratulations came to his house - he now lives in the town of Wilderness, in the resort area of ??the Western Cape - the former Archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu. Archbishop Tutu led the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which considered the case of the former apartheid regime figures. Among them was Botha, nicknamed Big crocodile.

In 1982, he was found guilty of contempt of the commission, which he called "a circus", and sentenced to a fine. However, Botha has filed a successful appeal and the charge and the sentence. Tutu congratulated the ex-president and wished him good health and expressed the hope that the end of life Botha soften his temper.

According to the daughter, Botha retains a sharp and agile mind. It is noteworthy that he lives near the city of George, which in 1948 first bylizbran a member of parliament. Then the National Party came to power and hold it for more than 40 years. Before becoming president, he visited the post of defense minister. Botha passed presidency Frederik de Klerk in 1989 after suffered a small brain hemorrhage.