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Date of Birth: 08/16/1934

Age: 82

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France

Pierre Richard: Star on the role of bunglers

Famous comedian is a member of a wealthy aristocratic family Defey (Defays). He was born in Valenciennes (1934 August 16) and was at the birth of several names, namely, Pierre-Richard Maurice Charles Leopold. The father owned a textile company, but the habit of gambling and jumps led to bankruptcy. On the education of his grandson took care grandfather, Leopold Defey, the owner of the steel company, whose passion was not the game, and the theater. Confessing several unique educational principles grandfather grandson placed in a boarding school in northern France, where I studied mainly children from ordinary families. Thin ugly boy who was taken away for the weekend in their own limousine, immediately became an object of ridicule. However, on the advice of his grandfather, he, instead of being offended, began to make jokes and tell funny stories comrades - and instead of bullying heard applause. The same applause greeted his guests and his grandfather, whom he recited passages from `Cyrano de Berzheraka`. The boy began to dream about the scene. However, the parents insisted on the continuation of the family business, or at least to obtain a prestigious profession.

When, after the age of majority, Pierre-Richard, have already begun to study physiotherapy, said that she would go to Paris to become an actor, he was denied financial support. In addition to training courses on dramatic Dyulena, the young man took singing lessons and dance, and act vskorestal with different scenes in theater and restaurants, taking the stage name of Pierre Richard. Training at Theatre National Populaire, unfortunately, resulted in a proposal only tiny role - the young actor found too ugly. Pierre Richard went on to perform with humorous and dance numbers in the music halls and small theaters, playing bit parts in movies. Gradually, he created the image of a shy and touching eccentric acquired fame.

In 1970 he took his first major work - the film `Rasseyannyy`, and played a major role in it. The eccentric comedy, which contains a lyric opera, and mockery of ubiquitous advertising, was a great success. The second film of Richard, a lyrical comedy `Alfreda` Misfortune (1971), was less successful. However, the actor`s talent attracted the attention of well-known directors.

In 1972, he starred in Yves Robert`s famous` tall blond in black botinke`. Brilliant comedy about scattered violinist, who has fallen into the intricacies of the security services, enjoyed great success in many countries. The film won the Silver `medvedya` at the Berlin Film Festival and the actor - the nickname` High blondin`. No less successful continuation of this film was released two years later.

In 1975, Richard, together with director Francis Veber, began work on his film `Igrushka`, where he made both as a producer and performer of the title role. Bright screwball comedy but funny scenes, carried a genuine social and psychological drama. Then followed a series of fun, but less brilliant films, and in 1980 Gerard Oury Richard invited to a major role in the crime comedy `Stab zontikom`. This film (despite hints about the actual murder weapon, which had been involved in the Soviet secret service and numerous deleted scenes) became the leader of the domestic box office in 1981.

The next period of creativity Pierre Richard associated with the names of his friends - directed by Francis Weber and actor Gerard Depardieu. The duo-Richard Depardieu made a successful debut in the crime sitcom `Nevezuchie` (1981), which had an incredible box office success, both in France and abroad. This creative collaboration was successfully continued in `Papashah` (1983) and` Begletsah` (1986). Friendship with Depardieu was to Richard and the business aspect - on his advice he had acquired in his own vineyard in the south of France, and its own wines, including the company `Chateau Belle Evek` bring him a good income. The actor gained a steady star status, however, in his vocation, he never suffered from a lack of female attention.

Richard`s first wife was the ballerina `Grand Opera`, who bore him sons, Olivier and Christophe. After her divorce from her Depardieu married actress Marel Dyubryul, but this marriage was also short-lived. After the second razvodaakter sold his Paris house and settled on a river barge for ten years. In the late 80`s Richard, continuing to act in films, he organized his own car rental company `Fidelina film` and released several records with their records.

His third and short life companion was a young Moroccan Aisha, but marriage to a Brazilian model Salem Lacerda was very strong and continues to the present time.

In 1987, while working on a light comedy `Left of lifta`, Richard begins to shoot a documentary film about Che Guevara, the idea of ??which came to him in his youth. He traveled to Cuba and Latin America, met with the daughter of a revolutionary, collecting documents and newsreels. The film `Tell me about Che` became the main event of the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in 1988.

In the early nineties, the actor held theatrical performances in Ukraine and Siberia, began to collaborate with the directors of post-Soviet space. In 1995, he starred in the role of Pascal Yitzhak Georgian-French film `1001 one recipe enamored kulinara`, and in 2000 - in the melodrama` Summer, or 27 lost potseluev`. The director of both pictures was Nana Jorjadze. The actor began to depart from comedic roles played in the melodrama `Without semi` (2000), Robinson Crusoe (2003). His last work to date is the film adaptation of Chekhov`s short story `Agafya` where with him playing Gerard Depardieu again.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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