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Date of Birth: 09/04/1950

Age: 66

Place of birth: Apinyak

Citizenship: France

The kitchen is like jazz

Pierre Gagnaire (Pierre Gagnaire) was born in 1950 in the city of Apinyak, Loire, France (Apinac, Loire), in the family of the owner of the restaurant. He is interested in cooking since childhood, and his first experience of Pierre got a little bit later, after working in several restaurants. It is known that Pierre had a chance to even attend a cook on a military ship, it was during his service in the Navy.

In his father`s restaurant, located near the Saint-Etienne (St. Etienne), Pierre came in as a chef in the mid 1970`s. It was after his arrival the restaurant received its first star from the famous French guide `Michelin`.

Own restaurant Pierre Gagnaire opened in 1980 in the same St Etienne. After a decade of management and work in the kitchen was the Gagnaire restaurant already holds three stars from `Michelin`.

In 1995, Pierre closed his restaurant for financial reasons and went to Paris (Paris), where the chef got. A few years later he earned a restaurant called `Pierre Gagnaire`, again received very high praise from` Michelin`. By the way, in the same 1995 Gagnaire he represented France in international competition `Iron Chef World Cup`.

It is known that Pierre Gagnaire made never stopped. He traveled extensively, studying the cuisine of other nations, and at the same time introducing them with its own. Thus, the dishes of his dishes you can try in Dubai (Dubai), Seoul (Seoul), Tokyo (Tokyo), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Las Vegas (Las Vegas), Saint Tropez (Saint-Tropez) and London (London) .

I have been known chef in Moscow for a few days in 2006, offering Muscovites its cuisine in the restaurant `Galereya`.

His recipes Chef compares himself with improvisation in jazz. Like jazz, in which the main theme gradually acquires other, Pierre Gagnaire first puts the focus on one main dish, gradually adding more to it. The result is the same `culinary muzyka` for which Pierre Gagnaire and known all over the world.

Known Gagnaire and his experiments - sometimes it brings together perfectly the seemingly different products. So, he had ever serve strawberries with pepper and fish with chocolate. However, everyone who has ever had the luck to try a mix of Pierre remained consistently satisfied.

Gagnaire Restaurant traditionally included in the list of `S.Pellegrino World`s 50 Best Restaurants` according to the publication` Restaurant`, and in 2006 and 2007, his institution raised the sheet to the third line.

Gagnaire - one of the founders of the new `kuhni` (nouvelle cuisine), as well as culinary destinations` fyuzhn` and molecular cuisine.

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