Pierre Brantom

Picture of Pierre Brantom

Age: 76

Citizenship: France


When Henry III Brant became a member of the royal chamber, but under Charles IX retired to the family estate in Perigord. Falling from a horse confined him to bed for 4 years and has caused chronic illness and involuntary idleness led to turn to writing his memoirs. Many experienced adventure, participation in diplomatic missions and wars, familiarity with the great men of his time, among them the Marguerite de Valois (Queen Margot), Mary Stuart, Queen Elizabeth of England, Catherine de `Medici and Suleiman I, make it a valuable historical document notes. Brantome distinguished liveliness and beauty of style, his moralizing does not peculiar. It should be noted, however, that it is always subjective and often inaccurate and superficial, a clear preference for scandal and unceremoniously debits from other authors - French, Spanish, Italian, putting a lot of effort into, to hide their sources, which changes the locale and the names of the characters. Brant died in Burdei July 15, 1614.

Among the works belonging to Brant should mention Biographies of famous people and great French generals (Vies des hommes illustres et des grands capitaines franais); Biographies of famous people and great military leaders of foreign (Vies des hommes illustres et des grands capitaines trangers); Biographies of famous women and gallant ladies (Vies des dames illustres, Vies des dames galantes); Anecdotes about the duels (Anecdotes touchant les duels), as well as boasting and oaths of the Spaniards (Rodomontades et jurements des Espagnols). Notes Brantome were first printed in 1665-1666.