Pier Dulong

Picture of Pier Dulong

Date of Birth: 02/12/1785

Age: 53

Place of Birth: Rouen

Citizenship: France

Who invented cathetometer?

Pierre Louis Dulong (fr. Pierre Louis Dulong) (February 12, 1785, Rouen - July 19, 1838, Paris) - French chemist and physicist.

He studied medicine in Paris, then he worked as a chemist in the lab KL Berthollet at the Ecole Polytechnique. Since 1811 - professor of chemistry at the Veterinary School in Paris, since 1820 - professor of physics at the Ecole Polytechnique; since 1830 - its director.

Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences from 1823, in 1832 - the permanent secretary of the Academy.

The main research focus of General and Inorganic Chemistry. In 1811 for the first time he received a nitrogen chloride; working with this substance can easily explode, Dulong lost an eye and three fingers. In 1815, regardless of H. Davy and almost simultaneously with the proposed hydrogen theory of acids. First identified hypophosphorous acid, studied composition and properties of oxalic acid and its salts; I studied the thermal decomposition reaction of oxalate. In 1824 - 1830 years. together with the DF Arago determined pressure of saturated water vapor at different temperatures (up to 224