Phillip Garrido

Picture of Phillip Garrido

Date of Birth: 05/04/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Contra Costa

Citizenship: United States


Phillip Craig Garrido (Phillip Craig Garrido, 5.04.1951) - American printer and a self-proclaimed evangelist. Known as the defendant in a number of cases of kidnapping and sexual harassment, in particular - in the case of the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dyugard.

Garrido was born in Contra Costa County, California. He grew up in the Californian town of Brentwood, graduated from there in 1969. School. His father, Manuel Garrido, still lives in Brentwood, she says Phillip was a very good child; It changed all serious motorcycle accident in which Garrido was a teenager and continued drug use. According to press reports, Manuel Garrido takes money for further interviews; So far, however, no `The Sacramento Bee`, or` Associated Press` his demands were not agreed to.

In 1972. Garrido was arrested and convicted of sexual harassment of a girl of fourteen; case, however, has not gone to trial - the girl refused to testify. In 1973 it Phillip married his former classmate Kristin Murphy; according to the stories of Christine, he treated her badly enough, and even kidnapped, when she tried to leave him.

In 1976 Garrido kidnapped Catherine Calloway from South Lake Tahoe, California. He took her to a warehouse in Reno, Nevada, where he began his sexual harassment. When the police knocked on the door - their attention was drawn to the outside of the machine and left a broken lock - Calloway called for help. Garrido was arrested and convicted in accordance with federal and state laws. In the process of compulsory psychiatric examination of his sexual deviation and chronic drug abuse were diagnosed. The psychiatrist recommended neurological examination - in his words, part of the blame for the actions of Phillip and lying on drugs. The survey, however, found no neurological abnormalities. At trial, Garrido said he was engaged in masturbation in a car parked at the school, watching the schoolgirls. March 9, 1977, Phillip was sentenced; he had to sit out for fifty years in Livenvortskoy Prison in Kansas.

In Leavenworth Garrido met Nancy Bocanegra - she visited was sitting in the same prison uncle. October 5, 1981, Garrido and Bocanegra were married. January 22, 1988, Garrido was transferred to Nevada State Prison, where he spent seven months on from the amended program of `5 years or pozhiznennoe` sentence. He was then transferred under the supervision of the federal government in Antioch, California. There Garrido and his wife lived in the home of his elderly mother, who suffered from dementia. Fillipbyl parole and, as a consequence, watching him power; later he was given a GPS tracking bracelet on his ankle, which, along with regular visits to the police, had to restrain him from relapse.

In September 1990, the family moved from Jaycee Dyugard Garden Grove in South Lake Tahoe. At the time of the abduction of the girl was in the fifth grade, she was only eleven.

The abduction took place on June 10th of 1991. Dyugard stolen from a bus stop near the school. Jaycee`s stepfather, Carl Probin, witnessed the kidnapping - at it two in a gray sedan spun at school, where his step-daughter, and the woman dragged the girl into the car. Probin tried to catch up with the kidnappers on the bike, but did not succeed. The fact of the abduction have also seen a few classmates of the victim.

Probina himself some time suspected of kidnapping and even checked on a polygraph. The case quickly became known at the national level, and repeatedly covered in the television show `America`s Most Wanted`.

The following eighteen years of a girl no one heard. The 2006th Garrido neighbors called 911, saying that Phillip keeps some children in the backyard, in tents, and generally is an abnormal pervert. Arrived on a call sheriff`s deputy she had with Garrido a half-hour conversation, explaining chtozastavlyat people live outside of the building illegally. Once a girl is still found, the local police brought her to apologize for the slowness and carelessness. It should also be noted that no one drew a parallel between the abduction and Dyugard occurred in the same place the kidnapping of Calloway.

on 24 August 2009, Garrido left the FBI office in San Francisco four-page essay on religion and sexuality; from it followed that he was able to solve its old problems. On the same day, he tried to get permission for the Christian holiday. Something in his demeanor did not like the manager Lisa Campbell, and she appointed him to meet the next day. In the morning she informed the local police Eli Jacobs about his suspicions; he made inquiries and found out about Garrido, c whom he was dealing. At the meeting Phillip arrived with two girls who called daughters. Police girl seemed strange, and he turned back to his own channels of data; immediately it became clear that the daughters have never been Garrido. Arriving home to Phillip Jacobs saw a young woman he called Garrido and his wife Alicia and that was kidnapped Jaycee Lee. The offender and his real wife were arrested and are currently in jail, awaiting trial.