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Date of Birth: 05/27/1931

Age: 85

Place of birth: Chicago

Citizenship: United States


Philip Kotler was born May 27, 1931 in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois), a family of emigrants from the Russian Empire (Russian Empire). He received his master`s degree in economics at the University of Chicago (University of Chicago), and Ph.D., also in economics, received at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In addition, he defended scientific work in mathematics at Harvard University (Harvard University) and majored in behavioral science at the University of Chicago.

Professor Kotler`s book `menedzhment` Marketing (Marketing Management) has become the most widely used in the world of marketing textbook. Other books written by him especially popular `Basics marketinga` (Principles of Marketing), reprinted many times, and` Introduction to marketing` (Marketing: An Introduction). Kotler developed a number of new concepts in the field of marketing, including demarketing, megamarketing, turbomarketing and sinhromarketing. He believes that marketing theory must go beyond price theory and include the dynamics of innovation, distribution and promotion system in the analysis, explanation and prediction of economic performance.

Cotler acted as a consultant of many large companies, including giants such as `IBM`,` Michelin`, `Bank of America`,` Merck`, `General Electric`,` Honeywell`, `Samsung`,` Coca cola` , `Hyundai` and` Motorola`, developing a marketing strategy for them, planning and organization processes, as well as international marketing.

Kotler is constantly traveling throughout Europe (Europe), Asia (Asia) and South America (South America) and holds seminars and lectures, introducing companies and other organizations with the latest developments in the field of marketing to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. He has also advised various governments for the development and positioning of the skills and resources of their companies in global competition.

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