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Date of Birth: 05/02/1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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On a scene from a young age

Philip Wan was born in a family of actors. The parents from an early age the boy is attached to the stage. At one time, the family lived in Orenburg and a four-Philippe with adults eminent actors playing the performances of the local Regional Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky - in "The Captain`s Daughter" (the role of the young poet) and "The Cherry Orchard." For a young actor, it was an invaluable experience. Later, Philip Pale participated in the dance performance "Bomzhovy Blues" (director Oleg Nikolaev). All of these skills come in handy later when the young man entering the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute.

Study and work

After school, Philip Wan entered the Theatrical Institute. B. Shchukin Valery Fokin course. Along with his studies, the young actor began acting in various films and television series. However, for the time being, it was a small role: young playwright Zhorik in the TV series "My Fair Nanny", Anton in the melodrama "random passengers," Igor Nozdryov in the miniseries "Commercial Break".

Then came "Daddy`s daughters." In this series, Philip Pale got the role of a gifted student Benjamin Bauman Vasiliev, nicknamed "broom". This role brought the actor a huge army of fans ... and blue instead of red diploma at the Institute. The fact is that until recently, the fifth, the course Philip was straight A, but due to the filming of the show, consuming large amounts of time, he slipped to the "quartet". However, Philip did not particularly upset about this, the main thing that he gained invaluable experience on the set.

Still ahead

In 2009, Philip Wan graduated im.Schukina. He continues to act in "Father`s Daughter" series. In addition, he participated in the shooting of the series "Tunguska meteorite", the output of which is scheduled in theaters in 2010. Ahead of the young actor`s new, interesting work ...


2004 Full Moon

2004 Obsession

2004-2006 Opera. Chronicles of homicide - series

My Fair Nanny 2004-2006 - series

2006 Random companion

2006 Commercial Break - series

2007 House somersault

2007-2009 Father`s Daughter - series

2008 Woman wants to know ...

2010 Tunguska meteorite

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