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Date of Birth: 11/21/1943

Age: 72

Place of birth: Oushenport

Citizenship: United States


Philip Norman Bredis Jr. was born November 21, 1943 in Oushenporte, New Jersey (Oceanport, New Jersey). His father served as a captain in the Signal Corps, so as a child Phil constantly moved from place to place. In 1951, her parents divorced, and Norma Bredis (Norma Bredesen) moved together with Phil and his younger brother Dean (Dean, 1947-2006) closer to his family in Shortsvill, NY (Shortsville, New York). Phil Bredis still considers Shortsvill his hometown. In 1961, Phil went to Harvard (Harvard College), where he studied physics and graduated in 1967. The following year, he married Susan Phil Cleaves (Susan Cleaves), but they divorced six years later, the children they did not. Then, in 1974, he registered the marriage with a nurse Andrea Conte (Andrea Conte), in 1980 they had a son, Benjamin (Benjamin). In 1975 the family moved to Nashville, where Bredis founded `HealthAmerica Corp.`. In 1986, to great advantage Bredis sold a controlling stake. He made his fortune and now, being a rich man, refused the governor`s salary.

In 1988 Bredisenam had to endure an attack on Andrea. Unknown thief attacked her in the parking lot at the store, wounded and shoved into the car. She desperately struggled and was able to escape from the car, when she had already left on the road. Offender caught only a year after the murder of another woman. This tragic incident made the First Lady of Tennessee to see with new eyes on their lives. Today, she devotes much time she created an organization that helps victims of crime.

In 1987 Bredis ran for mayor of Nashville, but lost to Congressman Boehner Bill (Bill Boner). A year later, he applied for a place in the Congress, Boehner left, but lost again, this time Bob Clement (Bob Clement), son of the former governor of the state. Finally, in 1991, Bredis again announced his candidacy for mayor and won with an overwhelming majority. Just as easily, he campaigned for his re-election four years later. As mayor Bredis worked on education (build and repair schools, increased the number of teachers), built a new stadium and a new library.

In 1994 Bredis won primary elections and internal party struggled for the governorship candidate of the Republican Don Sundquist (Don Sundquist), however, Sundquist won by a large margin. The next time Phil Bredis tried his luck in the 2002 elections, have already made a reputation as a talented manager and with the support of the voters, and 18 January 2003, took the oath and assumed his new duties. Bredis able to hold state through the economic crisis of recent years without raising taxes and slashing spending on education and health care. On the contrary, over the years, his administration has increased significantly the number of jobs and new investment in the state`s economy billions of dollars. His work has traditionally received the highest marks of national rating agencies.

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