Phaddey Bellinshausen

Picture of Phaddey Bellinshausen

Date of Birth: 09/20/1778

Age: 73

Place of birth: a. Ezel Estland lips.

Citizenship: Russia


In the 1803-06 biennium. midshipman on the sloop "Nadezhda" under the command of IF Kruzenshtern participated in the first Russian world expedition; while sailing to lieutenant, on their return to captain-lieutenant. In the 1819-21 biennium. a captain 2 rank was commander of the sloop "East" and the head of the first Russian Antarctic expedition round the world, which also was the sloop "Peace" under the command of MP Lazarev. The most important result of the expedition was the discovery of Antarctica and the first scientific study of the Antarctic region of the globe. Ekspeditsiyavo time two-year voyages (in the southern hemisphere) walked all around the Antarctic continent and thus six times moved for the Antarctic Circle, and almost four times comes close to the mainland. In Antarctic waters were discovered in December 1819 - January 1820 on. Annenkov (near South Georgia), a group of Islands Traverse and separate islands, which are in reality splits open Cook "Sandwich Land" (South Sandwich Islands), and in January 1821 - on. Peter 1, Alexander 1 Earth and some of the South Shetland Islands. In the tropical band of Oceania, South Polynesia, expedition opened in July and August 1820 Islands of Russians (Tuamotu archipelago) and several islands to the south-east of the Fiji Islands. On his return in 1821, Bellingshausen was promoted to captain, and two months later in the Captain-Commander. In the 1826-27 biennium. He commanded the rank of Rear Admiral detachment of ships in the Mediterranean Sea. In the 1828-29 biennium. He participated on the Danube and the Black Sea in the Russian-Turkish war. In the 1831-38 biennium. with the rank of vice-admiral in command of the 2nd naval division in the Baltic Sea. From 1839 until his death was the chief commander of the port of Kronstadt iKronshtadtskim military governor-general, and in the summer sailings annually appointed commander of the Baltic Fleet. In 1843, promoted to admiral.

The most important works. "Two-time research in the Southern Arctic Ocean and swimming around the world during 1819, 1820 and 1821 years committed to the sloop" East "and" Peace "(1831, 2nd edition in 1949, carried out by the State Publishing House of geographical literature with an introduction by E . E. Schwede) "Atlas for the journey of captain Bellingshausen in the Southern Arctic Ocean and around the world ..." (1831).