Petro Vlahos

Picture of Petro Vlahos

Date of Birth: 08/20/1916

Age: 96

Place of birth: Raton

Citizenship: United States

Developer system `wandering maski`

Petro was born in Raton, New Mexico (Raton, New Mexico); in 1941 he received an engineering degree at the University of California at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley). During the Second World Vlachos worked in `Douglas Aircraft`; he later moved to `Bell Laboratories`. After the war Vlachos went to Hollywood, where he got a studio `MGM`.

`Blue ekran` at the shooting started using back in 1940 - at the time, Larry Butler (Larry Butler) got the `Oscar` of the masterful use of this technique on the set of` Baghdad vor` ( `TheThief of Bagdad`). Vlachos was able to significantly improve the existed technique; so it was he who first used on the set of cameras with motion control. Petro has chosen its goal the development of a more advanced use of the system of so-called `rogue maski`; eventually his labors were rewarded `Oskarom` - Peter received his in 1964. The first modules by Petro `Ultimatte` were entirely analog; Now, instead they use a much more advanced digital devices and computer systems analiza.V 1976 Petro Vlahos and his son Paul (Paul Vlahos) was founded in Chatsworth, California (Chatsworth, California) company `Ultimatte Corporation`.

In 1978, Peter received the award for `` Ultimatte` Emmi` ( `Emmy`); In 1994, representatives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) and handed him another award `Lifetime Achievement`. Finally, in 1995, another software product for `Ultimatte` awarded another` Oskara`.

Ideas incorporated Petro Vlachos in his first `Ultimatte` since been substantially expanded and developed - including himself Vlachos. `Wandering maski` technique to this day is one of the key elements in the creation of special effects; using them manage to shoot scenes in everyday life could not be organized through the efforts of even the most skilled stuntmen in the world. Now it is believed that it is due to Petro Vlahos was born a movie, enjoying a particularly high popularity to this day.

Petro Vlahos died on February 10 2013th; at the time of his death he was 96 years old.