Petr Zhukovskiy

Picture of Petr Zhukovskiy

Date of Birth: 01/22/1888

Age: 87

Place of birth: Chisinau

Citizenship: Russia


Academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1935), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1934) and Life Sciences (1935), Professor (1923), winner of the Stalin Prize of the first degree (1943) n. Zhukovsky was born in a large family of small judicial official Chisinau. His father died when the boy was 12 years old and with 14 years he has earned a living copying papers and repetitorstvom.V 1906 graduated from high school and enrolled at the Novorossiysk University in the department of natural sciences of physics and mathematics. The university under the influence of Professor GI Tanfil`ev begins to engage in applied botany, the study of the origins and history of cultivated plants. In his student years involved in several expeditions to the tundra, black earth and steppe Crimea, organized by GI Tanfilevym.Sredi teachers P. Zhukovsky at the university were such prominent Russian scientists as the VA Rotert (plant anatomy), F. M . Kamensky (plant taxonomy) VV Polovtsiev (plant physiology), fully determined the direction of his subsequent scientific deyatelnosti.Sovetskaya Atlantis In 1911, after graduating from university, PM Zhukovsky entered the 3rd year of the Moscow agricultural Institute. In 1912 he was enrolled as a trainee in the Nakhichevan (Rostov-on-Don) experienced stantsiyu.V 1913, without completing the academy, as part of a geological expedition professor DI Mushketov went to Central Asia as a botanist and meteorologist. Exploring the Tien Shan, he has collected a wealth of material on the mountain flora of Uzbekistan. Herbarium collected them and then went to Lipsky - known Russian floristu.V 1913-1914, works as an assistant director of the Andijan experienced stantsiey.V years 1914-1915 - senior specialist of seed and experienced in the case of the Department of Agriculture. In 1915 he published his first printed work, dedicated agrometeorologii.V 1915 for health reasons (recurrence of dengue fever), he left Central Asia and moved to Tiflis. Here he begins to work in Tiflis Botanical Garden of the organizer and head of seed testing station, and in 1919 was appointed director of the Tiflis Botanical Garden. In Tiflis, and begins his teaching rabota.V 1920-1922 years while he was Deputy Director of the Higher Agricultural courses and private lecturer at the Department of Agriculture, and then (in 1923-1925.) - Professor of the Department of Botany, Faculty of Agriculture, Tiflis Polytechnic instituta.S 1925 - All-Union Institute of applied botany and new cultures (later - the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry, VIR): scientist specialist; in 1951-1962 years - direktor.V years 1934-1952 - professor of the Moscow Agricultural Academy. Timiryazev; in 1962-1963, - professor of the Leningrad universiteta.V 1956-1961 years - the academician-secretary of the Department of Agriculture VASKHNIL.Chlen CPSU (b) since 1940 goda.V the Great Patriotic War passed him awarded the Stalin Prize to the Defense Fund for the construction of aircraft "Moscow ".In 1946 Zhukovsky in the journal" Breeding and seed Production "published an article entitled" Darwinism in a distorting mirror, "which criticized the views of TD Lysenko on evolution, intraspecific borbu.Na rejected the August meeting of Agricultural Sciences in 1948 september 5 Zhukovsky spoke , which he criticized the basic theory of Lysenko. But on August 7, when Lysenko already reported on the approval of its report to the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), Zhukovsky made a statement of repentance. As recalled Zhores Medvedev, as soon as they were alone, Zhukovsky said: "I have made with Lysenko" Brest peace "."