Petr Zaichenko

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Date of Birth: 04/01/1943

Age: 73

Place of birth: Farm Kaisak

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the Prize "Best Actor" at the International Film Festival in Spain (for the film "Krapachuk")

Instead of the entry

Before meeting with Pyotr Petrovich Zaichenko, we asked what he is communicating. "Very simple, open-minded person," - said to us. And so I`m calling Pyotr Petrovich, I appear to ask for a meeting and get the go-ahead for the day.

In the evening we meet with him. Crafty smile, slightly narrowed eyes ... Within ten minutes it seems that we have long been familiar with it. Peter really kept very simple, at ease. It has no "star", and to communicate with him easy and fun.

Time flies fast. We do not write anything, so as not to disturb the aura of that which arose during our meeting. And why? Peter gave us a full and interesting material about his work, equipped with a large number of photos, based on which this article was born.


According to Pyotr Zaichenko, desperately unlucky life. Starting with the very fact of its appearance in the white light, which he is obliged to be honest, randomness. Father was wounded at the front, and commanding a tank regiment, where he served as senior Zaichenko, let him go home for two weeks. Nine months later, father was killed in a terrible battle of Chernigov Konotopchevo village, a few days after the birth of an heir.

All their childhood and adolescent years, Peter lived in the family of his grandfather, the famous all around first class shoemaker and the stove-fitter. I must say that although Panteley Ivanovich was a Cossack old school, he is very respected culture and wanted to grow out of the teacher`s beloved grandson, instead of the eldest son of Basil (Uncle Peter Zaichenko) - director of the school, also died in the war. For this reason, the first grandfather Pantelei in the village bought the radio "Homeland." Play the loudspeaker transfer "Theater at the microphone" came all the neighbors.

He contributed to the "theater" education grandson and bought soon head of the family gramophone with a large set of plates with record performances of famous Soviet artists, as well as books Mamin-Sibiryak, Chekhov, Tolstoy, which Peter read in the evenings at the request of his grandfather, in order to fulfill the teacher`s voice .

The choice of ways

After school, Pyotr Zaichenko was determined to become an artist, for which he went to Volgograd. He recalls: "I came to the School of Music, in the street Pushkin and me there about some ear training started talking - I words that such did not know, even offended, swear, I thought. But one friend told me to go to kultprosvetshkolu. Tackling it occurred on the following principle: know how to play (a little) on some instrument, accordion or balalaika - welcome to the orchestral department, the rumor is - will take on the chorus, and if you really do not know how - the way you at the theater. Where I was torn. "

After studying for a year in Volgograd, Pyotr Zaichenko went to Saratov in the Theatre School. I. Slonova, where at various times studied such famous actors like Boris Andreev, Vladimir Konkin, Oleg Yankovsky, Yevgeny Mironov. There, he was accepted into the studio and Yu N. Shlyapnikova Sagyantsa.

Reminiscing about his studies, Peter tells such a case. As a teacher of French complained to his mentor Nadezhda Dmitrievna Shlyapnikova that Zaichenko need to pay more attention to its subject. What Hope D. replied, "Let the French engaged Jankowski, his appearance may be or have to play Bolkonskis Karenins and Zaichenko inheritance - is the role of the bandits, the secretary, the soldiers, in the best case - officers ...".

Indeed, later Zaichenko often battered just such a role. However, many had to be removed and the elite, the intellectual cinema, had to play in the paintings of foreign directors, but later on this ...

Meeting with Shukshin

After graduating in 1971 from drama school with honors, Pyotr Zaichenko was sent to his hometown - in Volgograd Drama Theater. Gorky, where he worked until 1974. Here, the young actor set about trying to put "the best performance of all time" written by Vasily Shukshin "I will come to you." However, with someone he just might say on the subject of reciprocity is not found.

Desperate to find support at In city, Peter sent a letter to the "Mosfilm, director Vasily Shukshin." This letter was a real cry from the heart with its pretty sharp reflections on the theme of the native people, countrymen, and that love and hate at the same time, about his peasant roots and desire to serve the people "on the high string of spiritual morality."

In response to a couple of months Pyotr Zaichenko received from Shukshina invitation to come to speak in Kletsky District of the Volgograd region, where at that time were in full swing shooting the film "They Fought for Their Country".

"I need not just capable of implementing roles and associates, who in addition to the artist`s talent, continuously to be the soul that can cheer for the people, - said at a meeting Vasily Kravchuk. - For this reason I invite to take part in the shooting of my film, "I will come to you", which is currently in the start-up. Recently I went here to watch nature and chose a beautiful spot on the Volga, slowly dial crew. Please fill in the registration card of actor ... "

Not feeling the feet of joy "like-minded" returned to Volgograd and became impatient to wait the call to shoot. But hopes were fulfilled. Soon Vasyl Kravchuk did not become ...

One-man show

While waiting for an invitation to the cinema Peter Zaichenko not sitting idle. All this time, he worked in the Volgograd Philharmonic. Here he made a lot of works of art in the so-called one-man show: it is "Strider" and "Sevastopol Stories" by Leo Tolstoy, "Sasha" Vyacheslav Kondratyev, "Usvyaty sculpin" Yevgeny Nosov and others. As a narrator, he has traveled all regional centers of Volgograd region, as well as many of the deep villages, towns, hamlets and even field camps. No wonder that the memory of those years is his medal "For Labor Valor", which it is rightly proud of until now.

Many of his performances have been recorded and broadcast on local television. Unfortunately, after the transition to the modern equipment, much has been lost, something had remained forgotten, but some records "walk" across the country, and to this day, are shown on regional television.

The debut in the movie

And what about the movie? Since meeting with Shukshin`s been nine years, and completed record card actor has done its job. In 1983, Pyotr Zaichenko was invited by director Vadim Abdrashitovym one of the main roles in the film "Parade of Planets".

This film, which falls under the definition of "intellectual cinema", should be discussed separately. Already in the title - "Parade of Planets" - laid something mysterious, disturbing scale. There is in it echoes of the global and extreme phenomena, lives in it an echo of the collective unconscious troubles expectations. The heroes of the film - the scientist-astronomer (Oleg Borisov), butcher Sultan (Sergei Shakur), Ivan Pukhov with reinforcing (Pyotr Zaichenko), the intellectual architect (Alexander Pashutin), city council member (Sergey Nikonenko) handyman from store (Alexey Zharkov) - each whole world, each as an independent planet.

These are completely different people, hardly ever encountered in everyday life, come together at the military training camp. A strange, mysterious world appears on the screen. Everything that happens in the film has two dimensions - the eternal and contemporary, domestic and existential. And while the film is composed of several layers of interpenetrating today, yesterday, always. This is a time of social modernity (episodes fees, military exercises), social history (the scene in a nursing home), the space of myth (the hell of war, women, city paradise, purgatory old city). As well as the lifetime of each character - youth (women in the city), maturity (World War II), old age (nursing home) ...

The European fame

The first work of Peter Zaichenko was highly noted and film critics and millions of viewers. As a result, there were offers from other directors. In 1990 he was invited to the role of a taxi driver in the Soviet-French psychological drama Pavel Lungin`s "Taxi Blues". Together with Peter Mamonov they created in the film stunning duet. This is - the story of how life brings two nothing similar people - the practical and the taxi driver-less drunken musician.

The film was a big hit at the Cannes Film Festival 1990, received the prize for best director. Undoubtedly, this contributed to the popularity of the actor not only at home but also abroad.

Peculiar manner actor "imprinted into the film`s soul," noted in the "Taxi Blues" and properly assessed the Spanish director Enrique Gabriel, immediately inviting Russian actor a major role in the Spanish-French-Belgian film "Krapachuk". Selecting one of the masters of Spanish cinema was more than successful. Zaichenko played so brilliantly against a background of European beauties and attractions of his native Slavic soul, fate will throw across the border, that the unanimous decision of the jury of the International Film Festival in Spain was awarded the prize "Best Actor".

Movies, unknown to the Russian audience

After such an impressive triumph Volgograd talented actor, his track record has become replenished with new and new films, which by the end of the 90`s already past 30. Unfortunately, most of them Russian viewers have not seen since they were shown only in the countries of Western Europe as, for example, the film "Krapachuk". Do any of you have seen tragicomedy Oleg Kovalev "Concerto for rats" (1994) based on the works of Daniil Kharms, where Peter Zaichenko starred in a leading role?

Some pictures came out in cinemas in Russia after years of neglect. For example, the historical picture "The Storm over Russia", shot by Alexei Tolstoy product "Silver Prince", our viewers were able to see only ten years after its release. But in her starring such actors as Oleg Borisov (as Ivan the Terrible), Vaclav Dvorzhetsky, Victor Stepanov and Sergei Bondarchuk played there and did his last role in life - Boyar Morozov. It is no accident that the West is now appreciated, it is a great success, for example, had in Canada.

Pyotr Zaichenko in "Storm over Russia" played guardsmen Matthew hamster. About her role in the film Peter recalls, "I just asked for these maestros. Saltykov reads aloud the script, sit Bondarchuk and Borisov with their scripts and text of the rules, and suddenly there is some kind of phrase, Borisov said: "This is Ivan will not talk. Saltykov said: "Oleg, I`m sorry, this phrase is necessary for the story, it also needs someone to say." He says, "So he will say" - and points to me. Saltykov said: "Oleg, I`m sorry, you forgot - it had already been killed in the fight." "Him? It will not kill, do not. He survived. " So I removed - my character has survived, and even in the final there. "

Roles second half of the 90th

Among the most popular films of the second half of the 90s, it is worth mentioning thriller Michael Tumanishvili "Crusader" (1995) and the historical drama Alexander Proshkina "Russian riot" (1998). In addition, a significant role played by Pyotr Zaichenko drama Vladimir Hotinenko "Muslim."

The "crusaders" Zaichenko got the role of a drug dealer Toshi provozyaschego their goods across the border in boxes from under the film. Later, crossing the border with the set command, the actor recalled an episode from this film. Customs, "taught" a film really just eager to open the box.

The "Russian riot" Zaichenko starred as Cossack Pyanova - the closest associate of Pugachev, who played Vladimir Mashkov. Peter played a very organic, believable. Trying to enter deeper into the image, it is specifically for this role beard and picked up the shooting real Cossack whip given to him Cossack Ataman Biryukov.

Roles recent years

To this day, Peter Zaichenko almost impossible to find at home. Shooting, the role ... He still demanded the cinema, removed, and starring in episodes. And the actor`s characters are very different ...

So in one of a series of "Power", he played a major role - the disabled, entering the "clutches" of the Mafia. From this situation, it saves and Sasha Petrovich - heroes Vladislav Galkin Vladimir Gostyukhin.

In the picture Svetlana Stasenko "Bear" (2000) Pyotr Zaichenko stepfather played the role of the protagonist, being him in a dream in the form of such a formidable samurai. And in a short film by Igor Voloshin "Hunting for birds" (2002) based on a story Keni Maruyama`s "The Snow" Zaichenko starred as a grandfather. It is an artistic short film made in the genre of the philosophical parable, which tells about a boy who first encounters with death. A boy arrives at the funeral of her grandmother in the village. At least his death affects birds to hunt ...

Many Peter recently removed, and in the television series. So in the series "Capture" he plays on duty at the camp site Basil - this philosopher-farmer Shukshin character type.

Surprisingly Zaichenko work in the series "Dark Horse", where he plays a detective a needle. Peter says: "The start was very interesting My wise 11-year-old grandson, she said once:." Oh grandfather, you would have acted in the role of Spider-Man, or played in a horror movie ... "And soon causes me Gazarov to Moscow come, say, "grandson, that order did they say, such", and he told me in response: "I suggest you Petrovich role just commissioned grandson" indeed, the role of my bright, comedy, acute starika- I play.. criminal Investigation Department investigator, captain a needle Consonance nonrandom -. Zheglov-a needle he was not just funny, it is a tragicomic character he was dismissed in the years of perestroika, a decommissioned grandfather investigator But there comes a moment, and begin to understand that without the old cadres can not do.... .. Nothing like I have not played. "

After a "dark horse" Peter starred in the series "Formula", where he was offered the role of an eccentric elderly prone to human philosophy, has not accepted the current reforms and went to live on a permanent mestozhitelsvo village.

In the series "palmist" Zaichenko played warden uncle Glory - the closest relative of the protagonist. His nephew Sergei (Yuri Chursin) - hones his skills by studying the fate of the lines on the hands of the prisoners, uncle wards. "I`m actually in these things I do not believe, but when called to act - find homes thick book on palmistry began to study. At first, even liked, trying to figure out where I have a line that they mean ... Matches began to look at what is inscribed, and that has happened in my life. But quickly he confused and abandoned: palmist of me did not work "- laughing Zaichenko.

In 2004, the actor starred in the television series Eldor Urazbayeva "Wealth". The film about the war with the Japanese Zaichenko played Rastrigin merchant, who gave all her savings for the victory of the Russian army.

In the same year he starred in four-part film "Dzisay". Peter says: "Dzisay - a person who is inseparable with the Japanese emperor and taking care of all the trouble and pain of his master. Drunk, for example the owner, while the RS & S and my head hurts, and your soul chore. In the film I play a general of the FSB, which Russia wants to ensure such dzisayami here all members of the government. The role, I must say, is a fun, albeit small. "

Another new work is the actor - the role of the singer in the film Peter Dushenko Spanish director "a small fortune". Pyotr Zaichenko plays once popular actor who played together with the famous Yves Montand and Charles Aznavour. Now he was in oblivion, and from the past there was only an old gramophone record. Hero Peter Zaichenko, fearing that it will ever be broken, and the past will be the end, wants to burn a CD. He rushes in Spain, trying to fulfill his dream, all trying to sing in Russian, but he did not listen ...

In addition to Peter Zaichenko in Spanish film stars popular actors Ana Fernandez, Angela Molina, Roberto Enrique and others. They are appreciated by our brilliant game actor. I only wish the domestic audience again will not be able to see the next picture with Peter Zaichenko.

A small role Fitelly Pyotr Zaichenko played in the film "Wolfhound" based on the novel by Maria Semenova. So popular fantasy genre today, a large number of well-known actors (Alexander Bukharov, Igor Petrenko, Alexander Domogarov Nina Usatova, Natalia Varley, Juozas Budraitis, Oksana Akinshin), as well as a huge budget film promises to cause a huge interest of the audience. Even today, this painting is called our response to the "Lord of the Rings." In the new film will be released in 2006.

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