Petr Yurchenkov

Picture of Petr Yurchenkov

Date of Birth: 08/07/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Brest

Citizenship: Belarus


He was awarded a medal "For significant contribution to the development of Belarusian Culture" (2000).

He was awarded a special prize "Listapad" (2001).


Peter Yurchenkov born July 8, 1951 in Brest, Belarus in a simple family. In school, all the free time the future actor spent in the classroom of the school drama club, which already began to visit with younger classes. His first audience was his school friends.

He studied at the male average, if not bad, especially hard at math with her "numerous tanks into which it flowed, then poured tons of water", and always moving from point "A" to point "B" trains. But a strong desire to do it in theater school still prevailed over troechnym school diploma.

In 1973, after graduating from the acting department, workshop Igor Talankin VGIK, Peter Yurchenkov was hired by the Drama Theatre in Minsk. On the famous stage of his native theater actor he played a lot of big and small roles. But for the performance of "the best male role" in the play "Filumena Marturano" he was awarded in 1999 at the VI International Film Festival countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic prize "Listapad". There was also no less important role and production of "Battlefield".


In the movie, a talented actor started vroli starring on home studio "BelarusFilm" the director Igor Dobrolyubov in the adventure film "Because I love." Then, after a brief lull, the talented actor is literally inundated with offers. So, he starred in the director Leonid Nechayev filme- in a wonderful fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" with the incomparable Eugene Evstegneevym and wonderful child Yana Poplavskaya.

1978 became a record on the occasional role of Peter Yurchenkova studio in his native Belarus: Yury Chulyukin actor invited in the military picture "Let`s talk, brother ...", he starred in the director Gennady Ivanov in the film "Start" in this tale "Schedule for the day after tomorrow" Igor Dobrolyubov. Viktor Turov Peter Yurchenko invited to perform in his movie "point of reference" is not only a major role, but also to act as a sound engineer picture, what a talented actor brilliantly coped well.

Volume and inclusive talent, inner strength have allowed the actor to create his unforgettable screen, but not the primary. Vasily Kravtsov Strict in the blockbuster "State Border Film 2nd:. Peaceful summer 21 years ...", and handsome Cords in the drama "doubler begins to act", and Zmogitel in the film "Black Castle Olshansky" and Kolka lyric comedy "Without a son, do not come!" and translator at Romano Romani drama "dark eyes" were very convincing in the performance of Peter Yurchenkova.

All 90 years the role of Peter fell on Yurchenkova in abundance. He managed to shoot two or even three times a year. In the film "Live target", "No foreign land" and "The Life of Alexander Nevsky" in 1990.

In the drama "White Lake" and has become a landmark for the role of the actor Peter Stepanovich Verkhovenskii the director Igor Talankin in the film adaptation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky drama "Demons" in 1992. Filmed in one picture, the actor rushed to take another. Romance "Summer of Love" painting "Sleeping in the early mist" and the legend "Shlyahtich Zavalny or Belarus in fantastic stories" - and this is just one in 1994!

Peter Yurchenkov skilfully showed its heroes with surprising for the audience point of view, in this case, it is not changing the design of the image created by a writer. All his heroes is peculiar to him, Yurchenkovskaya become. And detective "In August, forty-four," and in the melodrama "Wrangler", and a candlestick in the crime film "Kidnapping".

Peter Yurchenkov - a handsome man, an attentive husband, a caring father ... .This is probably about like it always say "just a normal guy" ...


1974 Because I love

About 1977 Little Red Riding Hood

1978 Let`s talk, brother ...

1978 Start

1978 Schedule for the day after tomorrow

1979 The starting point - the actor, sound engineer

1980 State border. Film 2nd: Peaceful summer 21-year ...

1980 Wedding Night

1981 I`ll take your pain

1982 Starfall

1982 personal accounts

1982 Parents do not choose

1983 broad daylight ...

1983 Understudy takes effect

1983 Black Castle Olshansky

1984 Eight Days of Hope

1985 Pope

1987 Dark Eyes

1987 Moonzund

1988 Homunculus

1988 Private visit to the German clinic

1989 Evil Spirit

1990 Live target

1990 There are no foreign land

1991 St. Petersburg police detective

1992 White Lake

1992 Demons

1993 Gladiator for hire

1993 Tuteyshiya

1993 The priest had a dog ...

1994 Summer of Love

1994 Sleep in the early mist

1994 Shlyahtich Zavalny or Belarus in fantastic stories

1995 I - Russian soldiers

1996 From Hell to Hell

1996 Birds without nests

1998 Waiting Room

1999 Alchemists

In August 2000, forty-four

Author: Dmitry Stalker

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