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Date of Birth: 03/20/1971

Age: 45

Citizenship: Russia

When there is mutual love, life can go on forever

Author: Tamara Miodushevskaya

Website: Celebrities

To me, a very important moment in the development and self-improvement

- You studied in the studio of the famous People`s Artist of the USSR Viktor Ivanovich Korshunova, director of the Maly Theatre, and was one of his favorite students. Viktor Ivanovich invited you to his work in the theater?

- I was quite clearly in love with the art of the Maly Theater, but it so happened that my creative professional biography began in the other theater walls in another theater space. There have been several proposals for the completion of a higher education institution, but in the end I chose the invitation Mark Rozovsky. I went to "Theater Nikitsky Gate" and eventually served there for twelve years of my life. During this time it was played a huge number of roles, I became the leading artist of the theater. I am very grateful to Mark Grigorievich and trust, and for the opportunity to try yourself in different genres. "Theater Nikitsky Gate" - is in the best sense of the synthetic theater: actors and dance, and singing voices of the living; Theatre repertory plan shall elect a good drama, and I must say that the personality of Mark Rozovsky was for me and still is interesting because, in my opinion, is a very talented person. Later in parallel play in the theater, I began to pay attention to some other self-development capabilities. Actually, for me, a very important moment in the development and self-improvement. In a creative, professional development is, perhaps, a certain sense, agree.

- Of course. What roles were most significant for you in the theater Rozovsky?

- Literally from the first season, two months later, I was taken to the theater Rozovsky, I played in the famous, legendary "Horse Stories" Sweet. And then, after some time, I played in a wonderfully entertaining performance. We played it for nine years, and this role is even projected on my some life stories. The director and choreographer Michael Kislyarovym was staged the play "People live here" Atulla Fugorta. The play was called "When Irish eyes smile" with a surprisingly poignant music of Piazzolla. In the early nineties she had just appeared in Russia and the beginning here to live their own life, but for many it was a revelation. The performance and dramaturgical line and musical outline did not match, they existed on a par with each other. It is a psychological drama in which I was one of the main roles, and it is very strong, serious and a landmark performance for my biography.

Then there were the "Romeo and Juliet" (I played the Count of Paris), and then - "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky (I played a distinctive role Luzhin). In the play by Nabokov, I played the conjurer Shock. I showed tricks, and parallel to this performance was the second role, the role Shprehen-shtaunmestera - a completely different face. That`s great: I could be different, and this contributed to the theater Rozovsky. Of course, parallel to the work and were entreprise, some film works, this year will be ten years since I started to go on the stage of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society as a leading some live events. Today, I`m the most, perhaps, important events in the world of classical art, if we are talking about the space of the Great Hall of the Conservatory and the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

During these ten years, as I was lucky enough to go to the scaffold as a soloist-narrator, performing in various programs and with symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles, and even solo. As they say, out of my mouth and sound poetry, prose, and some dramatic passages. Work in the first person in some dramatic material I`ve always been interested in, and as a result this year, thank God, I managed to collect a lot of his indiscreet rich repertoire, tie it all together and organize my creative benefit performances.

- Peter, how passed your childhood?

- I had nothing to complain about. And now, nothing to complain about, I am grateful to fate and God. Most important, perhaps, interesting memories - that`s what I`ve always played as a child in different characters. I played in the chauffeur, and an electric driver. Even then, the country climbed to the attic at home and imagine that I - the train driver. I declared the station. The whole district heard: "Next station Turovskaya". This is how it began. I loved to play in the shop - and in the book, and the grocery. I loved to play in the doctor, I was at home, and the operating and clinic, and the registry. Many children are often sick as a child. I, too, was ill, and beloved doctor, in which I played was "ear-nose-throat." I also arranged for the house some puppet shows, playing in a puppet theater. Watching TV, especially the transfer of "Song of the Year", I imitated or tried to imitate some artists. In general, the range was large. The most vivid memories of childhood - that I fantasize and try to realize their fantasy in reality. Parents that did not interfere.

Years in Schepkinskom drama school were very difficult, we can say bloody

Towards the 15 years I enjoyed economic geography at school. Once I thought that somehow bind themselves seriously with it. But then, of course, I said "no", and decided that I would be an artist. Although years Schepkinskom drama school were very difficult, we can say, bloody, willpower was enough to master the profession. I can say that because of not all, but a lot of the teachers in the workshop of Victor Ivanovich Korshunov I managed to do it.

- How Rozovsky after the theater you are working on a platform where artists are very widely used soundtrack?

- I try to match the concept of the profession in all situations, in all, as now they say, creative formats, the concept of some of these values, moments, and do not hesitate. Probably because that communicate with amazing artists from the first magnitude names, but it gives me great pleasure to go to a concert jazz site I have a good acting school and in general a good experience last year, I have on the classical stage and talk ... Actually, a true artist - he was always an artist. Therefore, on stage from time immemorial have been and are excellent performers, who come there to present their art to the audience.

It hurts when love ends for us, but more painful when we razlyublyaem

- Your first love, what can you tell us about her?

- Feeling stunning ... Today, I think that feeling is not even love, and love - the strongest, the most important. The famous poet Rasul Gamzatov wrote in his lines about how hurt when love ends for us, but more painful when we razlyublyaem ... I`m afraid to misquote this phrase. It is important to love and be loved, but feeling it as givens kills love. People who love each other, should this develop and give each other the warmth of their relationship, the warmth of their hearts.

As for me, this feeling of love, which I immediately did once, it came to me, maybe in 26-27 years. When I heard the telephone at 5am those same three words that I am completely taken aback, my tongue was numb, my mind just numbly, not otherwise say. I opened my mouth, I could not say anything. After a couple of days, maybe it`s the feeling of knowing that I have heard. So that`s my life now entered a deep sense. And I prayed every morning, I got up, I looked at the sky, looking out the window, I prayed, I thanked the Almighty, I said: "Oh my God, is it really me, is it really happening in my life, it really happen?" It`s great , it is wonderful! I wish everyone and myself in particular, on the rest of his life colossal sense of love. Moreover, response and mutual, when there is reciprocity when there is a sense of each other when there is a mutual kiss, I think he, and life can go on forever.

- The name of the girl to leave tayn- course. I do such questions tend to get round, privacy out and privacy.

- You were in different cities of Russia with concerts. And what Russian women, in your opinion, are different from girls in the world?

- I have traveled almost all over Russia, and the most fond memories I have left to communicate with the girls from Novosibirsk and Voronezh. I think that the mysterious Russian soul impresses with its amazing clarity. With the Russian soul, perhaps, with its features is unmatched by any special charm to the East, no special, so to speak, self-restraint and closeness of the fair sex of Western countries. The Russian soul is immense. It may be, at first glance inexplicable, but the feeling of a deep compassion, the moment of understanding that you, perhaps, in spite of that, probably, it is peculiar to our girls.

The artist is very important time to get out of the way

- Are you fans assailed?

- It is very nice, probably when in the life of the artist is such a component, a kind of reward, that moment of recognition, very nice, but, in my opinion, it is very important to observe the face. It is important to observe the face of the admissible because the grateful audience, after whom and for whom we actually go on stage, must realize that the time to communicate with them - it is art. That`s when the show ends, another story begins. In my opinion, it is very important to observe here is the framework of art and life. Just as important to the actor time out of character, because from then on begins what is called the moments of psychology. And maybe, and psychotherapy.

- At your concerts no one call a mobile phone. How do you achieve it?

- You know, at school we were taught the Maly Theatre to hold a pause. At the time, great, otherwise I will not say, the actor Sergei Jura in one of his books, wrote: "He is a bad actor, who is not able to hold a pause." Another thing makes sense, awareness, filled Whether your break? If so, then the viewer, listener, roughly speaking, does something that we set up, to which we are summing it, or maybe ask for something. I step on the scene as a master, and my job - to take the attention of the audience, to tell him certain information, including about the mobile phones. At the beginning I even jarred. My God, what a trifle, well, what is it? Why I will talk about it when in front of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and so on? But another thing is that in the modern world without it can not. It is important to leave your expensive toy in the off position at the time of some one and a half to two hours. Otherwise, living process can be broken. And on the responsive nature of the musician, the artist, the artist is, believe me, is affected.

- We spoke about Viktor Ivanovich Korshunov ... Genre theatrical skit is now very popular on the stage. For example, the "Full House", "Comedy Club". How do you feel about these transfers and whether you think the performers professionals?

- You know, everything is good in moderation. I will answer this: what makes Regina Dubovitskaya, remarkable in the context of development and the birth of new artists in the context of the opportunities they present themselves to the audience. In my view, in the "Full House", "distorting mirror" and other programs, except for "Comedy Club", this alone strap humor fell very, very, very low. Below a plinth, below the belt. In 70-80s humor it was banned, so the actors, comedians, satirists, made their brains work very hard. And while the idea sounded in humor, and this idea justify these or other humorous passages. In my opinion, now the humor is for public consumption. We laugh at the same time, what can be, not so accepted even talk. In my opinion, the key to this, again I say, a kind of personal responsibility, the level of thought, so to speak. The level of culture of this idea.

As for the "Comedy Club", I like the boys, bullies, like their courage. I am not entirely satisfied that the TV broadcast is now an abundance of some nenormativschiny in terms of vocabulary. In everyday life, we can sometimes afford, they say, to speak, but make it to the screen, in my opinion, wrong, and generally extremely detrimental. A bold, somewhere even though mischievous moves, I think they are justified, they are entitled to their existence, but everything is good in moderation.

- Is there someone on TV who justifies the right of Russian speech standards?

- Unfortunately, this more and more difficult. Recognized masters is not so often appear on the screen. Previously, the central television announcer for some reservation might very long time to separate from the air, and now and in the television and radio broadcast live anarchy, and perhaps personal irresponsibility of certain employees. And for the same newscast I heard from the lips of the speaker, presenter, journalist different accents in the same word. I understand that the word specific, but nevertheless! You can hear the name of the city of Kondopoga, you can hear Kondopoga and so on. I am very pleased that now live in, for example, TNT, appears Angelina Vovk and I am very pleased that in the broadcast channel "Home" appears Tatiana Vedeneyeva. This is the real masters, who must learn how they own word.

- Concerts are always associated with some curious cases. Tell me what you can remember?

- These stories happened. And not always find yourself ready for them. Sometimes, before leaving the actor saying: "You see, carefully, that name uttered in a different way!" I`m against it, because one day I went on stage at the gathering of a large number of people began to say that the soloist - Honored Artist of Russia Irina ... and then I think: "My God," pawing "Butyrina, Butyrtseva, Butyrkin? Who! What? "And I`m on the front row prompted. I had no choice but to agree, and this help from the audience to voice. Such moments happen.

Another such juicy details. At one time, in one of the concerts of the great lady, amazing, outstanding lecturer-musicologist Svetlana V. Vinogradova was a concert dedicated to the friendship of the peoples, and the sound piece by a composer from one of the former republics of the USSR. The orchestra on the stage, and a half thousand spectators. I call it work, I say, that the composer - Rakhmadiyev, then the name - "Dairabai", and transcript that during the work. I uttered this sentence, and the orchestra just lay side by side, had to leave the stage, strongly suppressing his face to see their reaction. And it sounded like this: "Rakhmadiyev. Dairabai. Holiday kui. " The audience also fell with laughter. But what to do, that was the name of this work.

- In one interview you mentioned that Rodion Shchedrin said that you always bring success. How do you feel about this phrase?

- That to me is very expensive. Communication with Rodion Shchedrin and friendship with Maya Plisetskaya - is the ultimate sign that had happened in my life, words are expensive, especially as Shchedrin - very severe master, a serious author and the same person. It is a moment of professional recognition, I guess. At one time, when I started to go on the stage as the lead, I thought: "My God, I`m nothing much doing behind the sweat, the blood, which gives each role, and here I kind of go out, nothing special do . And while musicians and writers and soloists-singers say, "My God, but as good as you say, how you presented!" I say to myself: "Nothing much doing, why such a reaction inflated?" and then I started talking myself after a while: "I`m acting right, and it causes such a reaction in the co-workers." Therefore, the words Shchedrin for me today are very expensive, and I think it will last forever, in a different way can not be. If the performers when they go after me on stage, my words delivered a special feeling of joy, a certain creative spirit, I think that the way I`m doing my job.

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