Petr Repnin

Picture of Petr Repnin

Date of Birth: 09/18/1894

Age: 75

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

Website: Celebrities

Peter Repnin. The brilliant comedian. He became famous in pre-revolutionary cinema, but the true popularity has gained thanks to the role of Muli in the comedy "foundling". He was the favorite pupil and assistant of Meyerhold, he worked in his theater, but rather the cinema scene. The last role - the head physician of the psychiatric hospital in the "Caucasian captive".

Peter Repnin - of those who are called Actor Akterychami. A representative, stout and noble, he entered a bus, and all the passengers were beginning to whisper: "Look, look! This is clearly an actor! But what? .. "Something vaguely familiar and the familiar was this old man. No one is to associate it with the legendary Moulay that unnerved eccentric Ljalju - Faina Ranevskaya.

Paradoxically, "The Foundling" Repnin brought not only fame, but also disappointing. Actor practically ceased to take. He came to the movies even in the 20s, played in the first Soviet eccentric comedies, wrote scripts, assisted directors. He was loved and revered. But Peter was not "handy man". He said he thought he loved us, changed the theater, led quite an independent life. In the first months of the war he played Hitler - in the first combat kinosbornike. "Peter, when the Germans will in Moscow, you first hang ..." - said, "well-wishers". But Repnin not only ignored these words, he went to the front as a part of one of the first actors` brigades.

But after the war, Peter Repnin was not demanded of any movie or the theater. But an elderly actor`s daughter, and he`s dedicated himself entirely to Olenka. I went for a walk with her, wrote poems for her, and at night he sang a favorite song - verses from the water carrier "Volga-Volga". If he left for a business trip - always writing letters.

Peter Repnin went on to star in numerous episodes, never gave up, even from trivial sentences.

In 1907-1914 he studied at the Real School A.S.Chernyaeva. Since 1914 - in amateur and entreprise V.S.Voronskogo L.L.Sokolova. In 1915-1918 - an actor of the Petrograd Theater of Miniatures. In 1918-1922 he studied directing at the courses the masters stage production (later - GVYRM) under the leadership of Meyerhold. In 1920 - an actor of the theater "Die Fledermaus", in 1920-1924 - the Free Theater (later - RSFSR Theatre-I n / p Meyerhold). In 1922-1924 - director of the Moscow Theater of the Revolution. In 1924-1932 he worked in the movie. In 1932-1934 - an actor of the theater Bauman guys in 1934-1938 - Realistic Theatre n / p N.Ohlopkova in 1938-1940 - Chamber Theatre. Since 1941 - in the All-State Concert Organization, in 1942 - in a jazz orchestra Pokrass, in 1942-1944 - an actor of the front branch of the Maly Theater. In 1944-1945 - an actor of the theater at the "Mosfilm", in 1945-1947 - in the Theater of Musical Drama Ministry of Health. From 1947 to 1955 - actor studio theater actor. (In 1951-1952 - in the 1st Theater all occupational troops in the GDR).

film script author of "Race for the moonshine."

Actor`s work:

1. Oh, Bullseye! - 1926 ()

2. Doughnut - 1934 ()

3. Foundling - 1939 (comedy)

4. A girl with character - 1939 (comedy)

5. Schumi town - 1940 ()

6. White Fang - 1946 (Adventure)

7. The girl and the crocodile - 1956 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale)

8. At the stage scene - 1956 (comedy)

9. True Heart - 1959 (Kinopovest)

10. Probationary period - 1960 (Crime Drama)

11. Free Wind - 1961 (musicals / musical)

12. Chain Reaction - 1962 ()

13. Prisoner of the Caucasus, or new adventures Shurik - 1966 (comedy)

14. Shield and Sword - 1968 (Kinopovest)