Petr Lucik

Picture of Petr Lucik

Place of Birth: near Kiev

Citizenship: Ukraine


Peter Lutsyk was the last hope of the Soviet cinema. Soviet - because it looked and felt-formed person, when only began to crumble Empire. Because it was based on the folklore and mythology of the Soviet "margin". Because, even in the most "glamorous" film "Limit" I do not want to pass for a singer delights and suffering of the "new Russian".

It is - it is in fact they are. Peter and Alex Lutsyk Samoryadov - brilliant duet playwrights, by scenarios that have been delivered the best, most conceptual films of the first half of the `90s: "Children of Iron Gods", "dyuba-dyuba" their favorite - "Gongofer".

In winter, 94th Samoryadov tragically died in Yalta Forum of Young Cinema, to distribute vouchers creative XX1 century. A little before reaching that tempting resort Lutsyk died in his sleep: his heart stopped.

In the interval between the two sad events happened a lot. Peter Lutsyk, always in the shadow of the former several Samoryadova ( "new Shukshin," as it were VGIK), was completely left in the shade. And suddenly he came out of it with his sensational directorial debut - film "Outskirts", agitpropovskih project of social utopia in a deeply ironic arrangement. The film became the main event of the second half of the 90s, if we bear in mind not only aesthetic, but above all, life context. Picture supported festivals, critics, many influential people personally.

But not those who playfully fanned nostalgic for Sovdepii.Kogda it was about all jiving crap, could be touched sexuality totalitarianism and bad voice yelling pioneer songs. When a movie has touched, even if in an allegorical form, "black fairy tale" of our day, the masters of culture have started urgently to remember who they are. And how can we so rudely - about the oligarchs. And so can you, hooligan - a folk Nightingale the Robber.

Lutsyk was alone again - now all alone. Is that a bad company symbols. Having gone to the "outskirts" in America, on the way back he nearly missed the plane Swiss Air company, and not the other spacecraft ever to visit the Atlantic region. Spas booze - and he and his fellow traveler nondrinkers.

LUTSIK helped many and the time saved. But apparently, not so he would become "the director XX1-st century". Very much he liked and did not like XX-th - with his mutants holidays locusts, good people and Russian wild field: all of these fundamental concepts give the name him Samoryadovym scenarios.

It is likely that some of them will now be set. It is possible that there will be even a posthumous cult. The plot, almost seven years ago, shook our cinema absurd dramatic semi-final, it is now revealed their exhaustive. Those who are on the edge, they leave. Those who are in the center of the new developments are. This - the highest justice. After all, should we enter the twenty-first century with the front running. Again, see the untroubled imperial majesty and the sky with diamonds even without the alcoholic vapors.