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Date of birth: 03.06.1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the Prize Gull (nominated for "Breakthrough", 2002)


Peter Krasilov was born in the family, far from art. His family were mostly Putilov workers, dispatchers, railway. However, my mother worked for a while in the circus, but not an actress, and in the personnel department. There are no prerequisites for admission to the theater, he had not. Fortunately for its current fans, Peter nevertheless chose a path of the actor.

In 1999 he graduated from the Theatre School. Shchepkin. Then for a while he worked in the theater "Russian Army" and then in "Lenkom". But neither there nor there Krasilov did not stay long. Major roles he is not offered, and to wait the young actor did not want to. Here it is, and has received a proposal from the Academic Youth Theatre.

In 2002, the premiere of "Erast Fandorin `based on the novel by Boris Akunin" Azazel ". The play was staged theater chief director Alexei Borodin. Peter Krasilov remarkably played a major role here. His Erast Fandorin - simple, boyishly enthusiastic young people. More surprising, that such a person fails to unravel the complex case. He takes no analysis and intuition, but rather the pressure and curiosity.

Marina Timasheva "Erast Fandorin Peter Krasilov recalls rather not Childe Harold, and a flying moth to fire. Very restless, impulsive, seconds will not stand no place. If you sit down - just on the edge of the chair. If you stop, it will seem that the body tilted forward - seemed eager to escape. "

This is the first great work of the young actor has been highly marked. Also in 2002 for the role of Erast Fandorin Peter Krasilovpoluchil Award "Seagull" in the nomination "Breakthrough".

In addition to this role, Peter Krasilov played in the play "The Cherry Orchard" Petya Trofimov. To be released in January / February 2005 in Ramtha planned performance: "Yin and Yang" a new play by Akunin, the role - Masa.

Peter Krasilov involved in other theatrical projects: Ivan Homeless - "The Master and Margarita" (Dram Theatre of Stanislavsky..), Lieutenant Masham - "Glass of Water" (Dram Theatre of Stanislavsky.), The architect Bernard - "Boeing-Boeing" ( Independent Theater project).

Hero series

The first role of Peter Krasilova in film (except the Estonian educational film director) was Mikhail Repnin in the series "Poor Nastia" (2003). According to him, Peter accepted the invitation to audition, because he wanted to discover something new, chegoesche did.

Hero Peter Krasilova Michael Repnin - rich prince, courageous honest and intelligent officer, a dreamer and romantic, has a sense of humor. In some ways this character is like his Erast Fandorin from the same performance. If we add the attractive appearance of the actor, and that the show went on the screens at the most convenient time for viewers, it becomes no surprise that Peter Krasilov instantly soared to some of the most popular young actors today, becoming the object of adoration of the female population.

On the wave of success in next year Krasilov again starred in the popular TV series "Sins of the Fathers", playing Dmitri Ivanovich Pavlovsky.


Peter Krasilov married. Wife - actress, working in theater "Sphere". The couple has a son Vanya.

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