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Date of Birth: 06/02/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Glazov

Citizenship: Russia


Pyotr Kislov was born on June 19 2 82 in the town of Glazov (Udmurtia ASSR). In 2003 he graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School (class of VF Bogomazov), in 2006 - Moscow Art Theatre School (class of I. Ya Zolotovitsky and SI Zemtsova). His first wife - Anastasia Makeyev. August 25, 2007 he married the singer Polina Gagarina. 14 October of the same year they had a son. March 31, 2010 Gagarin and sour divorced.

Even when he was a student at Moscow Art Theatre School, Peter Kislov won the theater award "Crystal Turandot" for the role of the Wali in the play "Playing the Victim" as the best newcomer. On the game Kislov in this role, writes reviewer Marina Kvasnitskaya ( "Rossiya"): Peter Kislov plays this scene so earnestly, that he does not even need words. His silent monologues - the most expressive. Perhaps this is an important quality of a theatrical language for the update so that all stand up ... slowly, peering into this nervous person and a liking to this glorious, although close, the guy, the viewer understands the tragedy of this little man, this Bashmachkin investigation file. The viewer has time to fall in love with him just for the pursuit of truth, achieved even in such a barbaric way. Perhaps this desire and make him a hero of the "new drama" Hamlet, though small.

In 2006-2008 Kislov played in the Moscow Art Theatre troupe. Anton Chekhov, in addition to its debut performance, participating in productions of "Amadeus" (Vertichelli) "Doughnut" (Kornyude), "not Leave Your Lovers" (Alferov), "The sun was shining" (Stas), "Ondine" ( knight Hans). Peter also played in the performances of the Theatre-Studio Oleg Tabakov "descendant" (Dima) and "Psycho" (Igor). Since 2009, he played in the play "Territory of Love" (Paul) theatrical agency "Art-Partner XXI

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