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banishes old age

ON THE THRESHOLD small flats in the center of Moscow we were met by a youngish smart man, whose age is betrayed, perhaps, not only in the young wise eyes. In the office next to the computer - baby photo. On a dumb question to be answered: "Yes, this is our baby and his wife. She, incidentally, is younger than me by 29 years. "

Peter, believe that you have exceeded 60, it is practically impossible. What`s the secret?

- The recipe for rejuvenation of the body, which I use, is based on the genome of the wave theory, developed by me. Its ancestor was a Russian scientist Alexander Gurevich. What he in 1950 received the Stalin Prize, and then it was safely put out of the USSR. It seems to many delusions, yet understand it all possible, heeding a simple analogy. See the book - a paper material. But when you read it, you perceive her eyes as a reflection of the light wave. DNA in simple terms, is a video tape, which played nashimikletkami and tissues. If the reading fails, it grows not five fingers and six. Or head appears the horn, and even sexual organ (and such cases are actually known in history).

Miracle computer

HAVING its postulates as a basis, I`m with a group of like-minded people created a device that allows you to "teach" the body`s cells to rejuvenate, heal many, until now considered incurable diseases. For example, cancer, diabetes, HIV infection ...

It sounds too fantastic ...

- Nothing like this. Everything is strictly scientific. We have created the first model of bio-computer. Only a certain matrix of healthy young cells can be used instead of the floppy disk.

At the time of reading information laser all the cells of my organism simultaneously receive information from the matrix, and rebuilt in the young. No there is no focus. It was laid down originally in the people. In Bible times, people lived thousands of years before. Naturally, the 80-year old man a young man can not do. But zatormozitprotsess aging quite real. And even, hypothetically, to make a person live forever.

US - Killer

FOREIGN you look fine. What doctors say about your health?

- They said that is healthy as an ox. But scrutiny has not yet been subjected to. If it will be necessary to prove the validity of my method, ready to undergo any tests.

Your biocomputer more like a machine, which makes ultrasound.

- Developing bio-computer, we are seriously worried, as if he was not used to harm people. But then we realized: worse than coming doctors using ultrasound in the diagnosis, we are unlikely to make.

Mother, to substitute its fruit under ultrasound, and then for some reason, is surprised that the baby was born puny. A generation of humanity gets ill children.

Have you ever wondered why a growing number of cancer patients in the world? How many HIV-positive? Yes, all because of our over-civilized. Constant exposure to organisms and man-made noise Ghastlier electromagnetic environment around the globe. Cell phones, which generate noise fields, implemented in natural information processes of the cerebral cortex. Transgenic products. Transgenic Engineering - is a violation of every conceivable natural laws. Let me give a concrete example. Widely known in the experiment to introduce potato gene responsible for synthesis of the enzyme, killing of Colorado potato beetle. But few know that the experimental mice had tasted the potatoes were dead from bowel cancer. So we conduct humanity to degeneration. Yes, even on the battlefield just can not refuse. But mat - a verbal mutation of genes.

Your machine is not available to the public. Maybe you give us some basic tips to neutralize all the "charms" of civilization?

- Science has long found a simple way. This is prayer. They awaken in the genetic apparatus redundant mechanisms that have developed our distant ancestors.