Petr Gagarin

Picture of Petr Gagarin

Citizenship: Russia


Prince Peter Ivanovich Gagarin - the district marshal of the nobility of the Kolomna district, collegiate councilor.


In 1778, Prince Peter Gagarin bought Land Survey Office of the ground and put it on her village on the banks of the river Camlik, calling it by its name - Petrovka. At the same time, he began to build a nearby farm, which at the end of the XVIII century became known as Petrovsky. By 1782 there were already 8 yards. Selo stood on the right Bregu Camlik river. At the beginning of the XIX century and the peasants began to move to the left bank of the river. Founded there is a village called "Novopetrovka". Later, this name spread to the villages on both banks of the river.

A family

Wife - Maria M. Grushetskaya (born 1705 -. 1791 mind.). Daughter of Michael Fokich Grushetsky (with the rank of lord tenant, room steward (1681-1692)) and Anna Vasilyevna Ismailova (02.09.1682 - 03.01.1746).


Natalia Petrovna (married to a diplomat Kropotova II);

Maria Petrovna - husband Timothy P. Volkonsky (1728 p.);

Anastasia P. (Horvath in marriage);

Ekaterina Petrovna (born 11/26/1746 -. 06.14.1810 mind.) - Husband Count Boris Tolstoy (born 17/04/1723 -. Mind 25.12.1786.). State Councillor;

Nikolai Petrovich (born 06/12/1780 -.. Mind June 29, 1859). Wife - Anna V. Golitsyn (p 03/11/1801 -. Mind 05.18.1879.).