Petr Buslov

Picture of Petr Buslov

Date of birth: 01.06.1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Khabarovsk

Citizenship: Russia


Childhood, youth

Peter V. Buslov born June 1, 1976 in the Russian city of Khabarovsk in the family of a teacher of Russian language of the local Polytechnic University. Up to 14 years old boy growing up in Khabarovsk, and then the family moved to Vladivostok. From early childhood, man dreamed of morehodke, and even thought he did not have classes acting.

At the age of seventeen, Peter Buslov moved to Moscow. The first two years he "hung out, gazed at the city life, and then suddenly decided to go into acting." An acquaintance of the director, however, said Buslova: "Why are you acting department of Why not just go in VGIK to directing?" And Peter Buslov risked, he first studied at the VGIK in the studio Karen Shakhnazarov, then in the studio Vadim Abdrashitova.

In the second year, Peter Buslov together with the operator Daniel Gurevich took the course a movie called "The hard work of the old Moir," and starred in the title role Ilya Hotinenko in the underground film "Umnyak or Odyssey 1989", which is rolled, unfortunately, did not get . But this film saw producer Sergey Chliyants and interested talent Peter Buslova. It Chliyants Sergei invited the young man to become the director of the film "Boomer", and not mistaken, the calculation was correct.


Directorial debut of Peter Buslova in the film world came in 2003 in the criminal film "Boomer", starring actors worked brilliantly Vladimir Vdovichenkov Andrew Merzlikin Maxim Konovalov Sergei Gorobchenko. Cameo left himself and Peter himself Buslov. It was the story of four friends, young people have got into trouble. The main characters are constantly caught in a difficult situation, which is often over their lives is threatened.

First Peter Buslova not ever shoot feature films. For him, it was very difficult in the first film, see it fully, to feel its rhythm until the end. Such professionalism he has not yet reached, so Buslova heard the words that the rhythm pattern is not fully built, there is in it something extra. As far as in immersion into the material, it was not easy:.. A young director, "I grew up next to a guy who, viewers saw the film The actors play the main role, very uniform, bright, typical of all these guys, which can be seen in film, live, knowing that death will come ahead of schedule, and it will happen, may at any time. They were ready to die, although many of them still hoped that manage to slip through. "

Critics who watched Peter Buslova directorial debut - film "Boomer" to "Kinotavr", gave him the highest marks, even ahead of the picture whose performance tape teacher Peter "Magnetic Storms". Also, criminal film "Boomer" was included in the competition Vyborg Film Festival "Window to Europe".

After the acclaimed "Boomer" Peter Buslova offered several projects, one of which was the thriller "Anti-Terror", was produced by Sergey Chliyanets. It was kartinao people who were involved in terror, who fought with him, were with him closely in contact, but they often know and not guess.

"Call me Jeanne"

2004 brought with Buslova Hotinenko. This time, he brilliantly played the role of fairy genie in the adventure comedy Ilya Hotinenko "Call me Jeanne!". A good comic strip told how in the hands of three friends got a very ordinary aluminum can of soda, but opening it, one of his friends became the master of the modern, a bit strange, a bit tired, but a just and wise Jinnah, whom old had many-bit - 5000 years!

On set in the Indian state of Goa Peter Buslov when performing stunts on a motorcycle had an accident, but that did not prevent him to finish shooting, and in the fall to begin "Boomer" shooting the second film.

Peter was a man Buslov generously gifted talent. His track record included work on the continuation of criminal film "Boomer", where Peter made Buslov director and screenwriter. Viewers saw the painting in 2005. In the first film, has survived only one friend - Dimon - the actor Andrew Merzlikin. In the second picture at the behest of writer and director for life he was returned to another protagonist - Kostya Kot - actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov, which rescued after being seriously wounded.

For his acting work Peter Buslova had to play in films of various genres: comedy, drama, action, adventure. In 2009, Peter Buslov managed to pull in some pretty successful bands, including the film almanac "Short Circuit" and the painting "Urgent repairs."

"Vysotsky: Thank God I`m alive"

Peter Buslov - one of the most prominent representatives of creative skill. Pictures, where he played the role of Peter Buslov and was a director, enjoyed great success with the audience. In 2011, the planned release of a new movie directed by Peter Buslova "Vysotsky: Thank God I`m alive," another name for "Thank you for living". The tape tells the story of five days in the life of the great bard, when during a tour in the summer of 1979 at a concert in Bukhara Vladimir Vysotsky survived clinical death.

The film also served as screenwriter Nikita Vysotsky, the operator Igor Grinyakin Anatoly Maximov producer. Viewers will always remember the game and talented actors: Sergei Bezrukov, Oksana Akinshina, Maxim Leonidov, Shakurov Sergei, Andrei Panin, Ivan Urgant, Svetlana Kolpakova, Vladimir Kapustin.


Peter Buslov grieved the public interference in private life and could not stand journalists questions about his life after work. We only know that Peter Buslov married to costume designer Eugene Evgienko.


1999 News

2003 The Odyssey 1989

2003 Boomer - actor, director, screenwriter

2003 The hard work of the old Moir - Short - Director

2005 Boomer. The second film - director, screenwriter

2005 Call me Jeanne

Urgent repairs in 2009 - director

2009 Short - almanac - director

2011 Vysotsky: Thank God I`m alive - director

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