Petr Biliarskij

Picture of Petr Biliarskij

Date of Birth: 06/19/1819

Age: 47

Citizenship: Russia


He studied at the Ka Zan Theological Seminary and the Moscow Theological Academy; often he went from Sergiev Posad in Moscow and listened to at the University of Pogodin and Golubinsky. Appointed lecturer in Perm Theological Seminary, he refused to go into the wilderness, and came from the clergy. Strong in poverty, sometimes he starved; He is giving lessons in private homes and in the guesthouse Pogodin. In 1840 he began one of the most important of his works - the language Manasseh record. II Vvedensky deceives his comforts of life in Petersburg, and soon he moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg. In 1844, he obtained a position of office clerk at the Academy of Sciences; for a certain salary had written quite scientific importance reviews of new books in the "Journal of the Ministry of National Education"; It was a general meeting of the Senate Recorder. All this ensured his little materially. In 1847 he published the aforementioned work, and a year later published a study of St. Cyril of the Reims Gospel. Both works brought him fame and until now, according to the testimony of academician VM Istrin, have not lost their value. IN AND. Grigorovich wrote that Bilyar like Vostokov of autodidact and has become a model for a long time to be a mentor in philological criticism and analysis. By AH review Vostokova Bilyarsk Academy awarded for his research Demidov Prize. AA Kotlyarevsky highly valued methodological techniques Bilyarsk and found that the rigor and accuracy of his historical method of research makes it exemplary. In 1860 Bilyar elected assistant professor at the Academy, in 1862 - an extraordinary academic and editor of "Notes" in the department of Russian language and literature. In addition to these studies and reviews published Bilyar (1859) translated the works of von Humboldt under the title: "On the difference between organisms of human language and the impact of this difference on the mental development of the human race"; I collect and process materials for the biography of MV University (published in 1865 by the Academy) and conceived the critical edition of his works. Last intention was not implemented because of the opposition to his plans a group of academics, with II Sreznevsky headed. With the latest Bilyar came into conflict even with the publication of a study on the Reims Gospel, and the short time of his immediate academic activities was largely occupied struggle in the ranks of the so-called "German party" mainly with Sreznevsky (although it is the latter recommended separation elect Bilyarsk adjunct). Of the individual episodes of academic struggle Bilyarsk interesting his opposition to the election of MN Katkov, a corresponding member of the Academy (1863). He wrote YK Grotto: "Offer Katkov I believe misfortune to separate I respect Katkov and his philological book, and for his learning and for his literary work, but because all these advantages, we know not the day before:. Why we did not choose it before and it is only when he rebelled against Herzen? The real reason the election can not be hidden from the public, and this election will cause a lot of trouble. " Since 1855 Bilyar began to take a very close interest in the management of military educational institutions, he cared about the revival of teaching them the Russian language and literature, on the improvement of the teaching staff, teachers arranged the meeting to jointly discuss the scientific and academic affairs, insisted on the creation of pedagogical magazine. Generally in this area Bilyar left behind him the best memories and brought a lot of benefits. - Permanent material poverty that prevented the proper course of scientific studies Bilyarsk strongly acted on his nerves, and the totality of all the circumstances of his life contributed to the development of heavy consumption. The illness developed rapidly, and in 1865 he gladly accepted residency in the Department of Russian literature at the newly established University of Novorossiysk. There he lectured 2 semesters, and the third is already thinking about retirement with a pension. The disease did not give him work in peace, and he did not live until retirement. List of works in Bilyarsk Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary", ie III of, bibliography -. At Vengerov, "Sources", ie I. The most important source for the biography Bilyarsk -. Book V. Istrin: "Letters to the PS Bilyarsk" (Odessa, 1906). There Bilyarsk life sketch, his portrait, many letters Buslaeva, Tikhonravov, Undolskogo and others, letters of Bilyarsk his article.; a lot of biographical information in the notes to the letters. S. Sh