Petr Afanasiev

Picture of Petr Afanasiev

Age: 51

Citizenship: Russia


Professor Emeritus, State Councillor. An obituary on Dec. 28 the past year, died in Vienna of heart failure Institute of Technology Professor Emeritus Peter A. Afanasyev. The deceased was a one of the rare examples found in our human in bringing its prominent position only because of its energy, willpower and hard work.

As the son of a non-commissioned officer, he, at the end of the course at the Institute with a degree technologist 1st category in 1866, devoted himself to practice, first in private and state-owned factories. Here he had to take part in the large for its time actually rearmament of our army device workshops for the manufacture of so-called remote and shock tubes.

Then, as a teacher at the Institute of Technology, in which the formation in 1872 of V course he was assigned lectures on this course on the subject of factory machinery and project management students on the same subject.

Starting next year, he began lecturing on the flour milling business, and subsequently on the tree techniques.

In 1890, he was confirmed as chief factory inspector in the Ministry of Railways. The late, to whatever cause he may touch, devoted himself to all, with all the strength of his mind, energy, will, and very often, and patience.

In his teaching career, he was a "good" teacher, in the best sense of the word; in general it is always served only the cause and least of all parties. For this reason, perhaps, he was not particularly popular, but he did not run after her. From original and independent work it must indicate on the "Determination of forces and his work in the formation of chips."

There are several published works, with which between essay "Flour Mill" was the second edition, and until recently was the only guide to this vital industry.

He faded in color years (51 years) and effort. Spring for the first time felt the seizures greatly heightened heart disease, and in December it had already passed away.