Peteris Gaudins

Picture of Peteris Gaudins

Date of Birth: 07/24/1954

Age: 62

Citizenship: Latvia

Relationships can be built only on sex

Author: Marian SAEED SHAH

Website: Celebrities

Actor we found during the intermission. Still beautiful, a ninety-meter tall, with piercing blue eyes, he was standing at the bar and sipped orange juice.

- Oh, do not shoot me a drink, and then write tomorrow that Gaudinsh becomes an inveterate drunkard - asked Peteris.

I look, Peteris, you do not hurt journalists complain ...

- I do not need an interview. For the media, I do not chase. When fans found out, that I was very annoyed. Always I try to keep in the shade.

At least on the eve of the anniversary tell us a little about yourself - we asked the actor.

- What talk? 55 years - it is, sorry, not 20.

Alla Demidova were all afraid

You something to complain about his age? Such a spectacular man ...

- That I was beautiful before. Always looked younger than his years, especially to 30. Most of the young appearance I did not claim to serious roles. I will never forget meeting with Alla Demidova in the film Julia Karasik "Glass of Water". Demidov there played the Duchess of Marlborough, and I - Arthur mesh, the captain of the royal guard. She, when she saw me for the first time at the site, did not take seriously. I thought that I was taken out of the comely faces and I do not know anything at all. I remember, she said: "Urgent give him a sword, at least for the guy that it is necessary to hold" And I said, that I have something to hold out, for example hat. Alla smiled, and we became friends. Demidova - a brilliant actress, but it is very tormented Karasik. Once it takes 16 consecutive repeat one the same sentence, I looked at it and saw that it performed the task better than was demanded of her. At the 16th duplicate Alla gave up and did as requested Karasik. But it was worse than it offered.

With someone of Russian actors were friends?

- I was lucky to be removed and Durov, and Khmelnytsky, and Lavrov and Alexander Mikhailov. These venerable actors patiently endured all the chaos that was on the set at the time. Come and directors have still not done anything. Or the director on the script needed a lion, and he dragged a cow. I flew continuously from Riga to Moscow, and once nearly broke premiere in the theater, for me my role then played by the director. I flew in a hurry to Moscow, and even flight due to weather lingered. I made-up, dressed, was taken to the site, and Karasik says in surprise: "But he that today doing here?" It turns out, that day I had no scenes, but I forgot to warn you. we even on riding lessons were not on the set of "Ivanhoe". They put on a horse, and once in the frame! Well, what is it? No, I tried, of course. Excuse me, that does not justify your hopes, but I think about those shootings nothing special.

Learn to love yourself

How to survive in times of crisis?

- In my spare time I work on the theater tour guide in Prague. I am engaged in it more than I would like. The series is not removed, in advertising, too. They need young. I - if only in the theater was the role, even if occasional, but good. In life enough, I`m pretty frugal person. I can cook eggs, in their daily lives wearing only jeans, indifferent to alcohol. I do not care - is one euro a bottle, or a hundred. Always talking during feasts, so I poured the wine is cheaper, it is still not able to assess. I let myself be happy to drink only beer, when I`m in the Czech Republic. I have no car. Why do I need parking problems, when there is a bicycle? Now many in Riga transplanted to him because expensive gasoline. Yes, I have to go and especially not anywhere, I live in the center, near the theater. Well, except that the cottage. We have a vacation home, I love to tinker in the ground. In Riga live in a rented apartment, there is nothing to do not feel like, because sooner or later we will put the host. Until recently, I lived with my parents, but recently died Dad and Mom moved to his sister. She needs constant care, and I have because of the work it is impossible to be with her for a long time. Live Alone, the dog I have. Married never been. Perhaps it is wrong.

I could not find the one in which you fall in love?

- I`m just too afraid of responsibility. It seemed to me that the family and especially the children are incompatible with acting. Children should always be in the foreground, and we with constant touring and filming never fail. Maybe if it chose another profession, I would have had children and grandchildren. I`m originally wanted to go on a parent`s footsteps and become a doctor. However, having studied for half a year in medical school, he went to the theater. But no regret nothing, neither about the choice of profession, or the fact that now one. If a person`s appointment tomorrow, without which it can not live, you can still be! But I learned to love itself, with all its shortcomings.

The more you can conquer a woman?

- It does not have to pay attention to me. I stick to the old view that a man - a hunter, and a woman - mining. She should never go to meet first. I, unfortunately, have always felt prey ... Now I`m not as amorous as in his youth. I my mind tells us that we should not fall in love. Yes, and do not necessarily bound by marriage, relationships can be built only on sex. When people are ideally suited to each other in bed, it`s quite a lot.

What would you like to wish for ourselves?

- Get plenty of time. Every year of life is rushing faster. The constant hustle and bustle, we run past the true values. Someone from the great said: and whether the work you are now doing, that because he did not see how the spring bloom trees? Life - is what goes while we are doing something else. I would like to live in a measured, intelligent XIX century - a century of beautiful people, gentlemanly relations.


* Peteris GAUDINSH starred in the films "head price", "Gangsters in the ocean", "Prisoner of If Castle", "Photo with a woman and wild boar", "double trap", "The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe", "Mother Mary" "34-second fast", "glass of water", "Theatre".