Peter Lewyn Bernstein

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Date of Birth: 01/22/1919

Age: 90

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States

Developer efficient market theory

Peter was born in New York (New York City), in the family financial advisor Allen Bernstein (Allen Bernstein) and his wife Irma Levin (Irma Lewyn). At school, Peter met and became friends with another future specialist on the history of economics, Robert Heilbroner (Robert Heilbroner); later they both attended Harvard College (Harvard College) and together receive bachelor`s degree in economics. After graduating from college with honors, Peter joined the research group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Federal Reserve Bank of New York); In addition, while it has provided services to the Office of Strategic Services (Office of Strategic Services). After December 7, 1941 - and the ill-fated attack on Pearl Harbor (Pearl Harbor) - Bernstein joined the ranks of the US Air Force, where he soon will rise to captain. All the same OSS some time to send him to work in the European region.

After the war, Peter went on to study economics - this time, at the College of Williams (Williams College). Five years in the commercial banks, Bernstein decided - at the urging of family members - to take over the management of an investment company `Bernstein-Macaulay Inc.`. The company run by Peter were billions of dollars belonging to individuals and large companies; by 1967 th Bernstein increased preporuchennye his contributions Bole than 10 times. Investment business, however, he was bored; in 1967 the company was sold, and in 1973, Peter created his own corporation - `Peter L. Bernstein, Inc.`. A year later, in 1974, Bernstein was the first editor of the `Journal of Portfolio Management` - the most popular among managers and academic economists publication. In the future, Peter plunged into the investment fund business, Robert Arnott (Robert D. Arnott) `Research Affiliates` and the magazine has acted solely as an adviser.

For many years Peter has worked at the Faculty of Economics at Harvard University (Economics Department, Harvard University); across the country heard his lectures on risk management, investing, investment management strategy and market history.

Peter died from pneumonia at a New York hospital; at the time of his death he was 90 years old.

Bernstein was married twice. With his first wife, Shirley (Shirley), yet he divorced in 1971; A year later he married a second time - and this marriage broken off only his own death.

Peter came Iz-pod pen 10 books on economics and finance, countless articles in professional journals such as `Harvard Business Review` and `Financial Analysts Journal`, and a number of articles in more popular publications - `The New York Times`, `The Wall Street Journal `,` Worth `and` Bloomberg `. The work of Peter `Against the Gods: The Taming riska` (` Against The Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk`), published in 1996, won the award named after Edwin Booz (Edwin G. Booz Prize), as the most innovative and inspiring book about management . In 1998, Bernstein also won memory of Clarence Arthur Kelpie and Eleazar Wright (Clarence Arthur Kelp / Elizur Wright Memorial Award) by the American Association `Risk and insurance` (The American Risk and Insurance Association) - for outstanding unique contribution to the literature on the risks and insurance.

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