Peter F Vallone Sr

Picture of Peter F Vallone Sr

Date of Birth: 12/13/1934

Age: 81

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States


Born Peter Velloun in New York (New York City), the family judge Vellouna Charles (Charles J. Vallone). Father had a significant impact on the development of the boy as a politician - Charles Velloun always try to ensure that his son is not confined only in its very, very limited social circle, but also talked with representatives of other nationalities and religions. No less impact on the boy and his mother - Velloun Leah (Leah Vallone) was a teacher and worked in the Democratic State Committee.

Higher education received in the Peter Fordham University (Fordham University); that is where he was awarded the first degree of Bachelor of Social Sciences, and later - LLB.

In the period from 1974 to 2001-th Velloun sat on the Board of New York - he spoke from the Democratic Party and represented District Astoria, Queens (Astoria, Queens). Peter rightly considered the second most powerful politician of the city - only after one of the mayor; such power has brought him the appointment to the post of the Speaker of the City Council in 1986. He held this post Velloun 16 years - but in 2002 he was succeeded by Gifford Miller (Gifford Miller). It is thanks to Peter were approved changes to the city charter, greatly increased the powers of the budget management of the Council.

Peter Velloun married; he and his wife teny (Tena) three children - Peter, Jr. (Peter Vallone Jr.), Paul (Paul) and Perry (Perry) - and seven grandchildren.

In 1998 Velloun applied for the post of governor of the state, and in 2001 - for the post of mayor of New York; Unfortunately, both times he did not manage to achieve the goals. At the moment, Peter teaches political science at the College of Baruch (Baruch College) and has practiced law in Astoria. His former political influence Velloun lost, although some useful connections he had left now. His son, Peter Velloun Jr., followed in his father`s footsteps and in 2002 won a seat on the city council.

In the past in 2005, the election of the mayor of New York Velloun Sr. and Jr. Velloun support representative from the Republican Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg); in 2009, Peter sympathy were given to Mark Greene (Mark Green).

The history of his political life, Peter Velloun Sr. outlined in his book `Learning to Govern: My Life in New York Politics, From Hell Gate to City Hall`.