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Place of birth: Glasgow

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The twelfth incarnation of Doctor Who

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Capaldo was born in Glasgow, Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland). Acting ability was at his age is quite young - in junior Peter actively playing in the local puppet theater, in high - played in a local company. In parallel, he has found time for music - Peter was the lead soloist punk band `Dreamboys` (by the way, the drums in this band play the next comedian and TV host Craig Ferguson / Craig Ferguson).

The first major role - Olds Danny (Danny Oldsen) in `Local geroy` (` Local Hero`) - Capaldo received in 1983. The role earned him a certain fame and opened the way to the future; so, in 1988, Peter played in the films `Lair white chervya` (` The Lair of the White Worm`) and `Dangerous svyazi` (` Dangerous Liaisons`).

In 1995 Capaldo won the `Oscar` in the category `Best Fiction Short film` ( `Live Action Short Film`); the victory brought him a picture `Franz Kafka`s It`sa Wonderful Life`.

The first major television role played Peter in the project BBC `crusade Mr Ueykfilda` (` Mr Wakefield`s Crusade`) in 1992. The most famous was his telerol Capaldo in 2005 - he had to play spin doctor Malcolm Tucker (Malcolm Tucker) in the series `Hushcha sobytiy` (` The Thick of It) `. Rumor has it that Peter drew his inspiration in the form of `right ruki` Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell (Alastair Campbell); the actor himself, however, from these rumors refused - in his words, Tucker is more like a series of Hollywood figures. Image of Tucker brought Capaldo `BAFTA` Award in the category `Best comic rol` and two` British Comedy Award`.

In 2009 I saw the light of a full-length spin-off series `The Thick of It`,` In petle` ( `Inthe Loop`); Peter, of course, repeated in its role.

In 1996, screens out the gothic-fantasy mini-series Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman) `Nikogde` (` Neverwhere`); it Capaldo played Angel Islington (Islington).

In 2008, Peter appeared before the audience in the form of King Charles I (Charles I) in the television series `Mistress dyavola` (` The Devil`s Whore`); around the same time Capaldo acted as a voice actor in animated series `Haunted Hogmanay`. Subsequently, Peter returned to his stage direction - on BBC Four they came running comedy series `Getting On`; Capaldo in one of the episodes of the series played the role of a doctor.

In 2008, Peter Capaldi played Cecilia (Caecilius) in an episode of the popular sci-fi series Doctor Kto` `(` Doctor Who`); a year later he returned to the universe of Doctor, starring in the TV series `Torchvud` (` Torchwood: Children of Earth`). For a while Peter parted with Dr. - only to on August 4 2013, officially brought before the fans as the next incarnation of the protagonist of the series.

As Dr. Capaldo will replace Matt Smith (Matt Smith); It will be replaced in the Christmas special edition of the series, in 2013, Decarie. As she admitted Capaldo, the opportunity to play the Doctor for him was a great gift - Peter was an ardent fan of the series is still in its classical format, in early childhood.

Capaldo - a member of the Association of International Cancer Research (Association for International Cancer Research) and Scottish charity project `Aberlour Child Care Trust`. Peter lives in Crouch End (Crouch End), with his wife, Elaine Collins (Elaine Collins) and his daughter Cecily (Cecily).

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