Peter Bryan

Picture of Peter Bryan

Age: 45

Citizenship: United Kingdom


In 1987, living in east London (Flying Angel, Custom House, East London) Brian tried to throw out the window of the sixth floor of a potential victim, but after a hard fight with Brian was a wound on his head, and the victim was able to escape. Then the case was not considered very carefully, and really the police looked closer Brian a few years later.

In 1994, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital Rampton Secure Hospital after jumping from the third floor.

At the hospital, Brian confessed to killing 20-year-old daughter of shopkeepers Nishi Sheth (Nisha Sheth), and his jump from the window, he called remorse for their actions. It is known that Peter caught stealing fired her parents, and he decided to take revenge. So, Niche was killed by a blow to the head with a hammer, and her death occurred before the arrival of ambulances.

Repenting, and Peter jumped out of the window. By the way, imennotogda, during the murder of a girl Bryan and felt a craving for cannibalism. In the psychiatric hospital he was placed in a guarded block, where he spent 9 years, after which, he was recognized as not dangerous, and Brian was released.

Soon, however, it became clear that the release of Peter from the hospital turned out to be a fatal mistake.

In 2004, Bryan killed again - this time his victim turned out to be his own man by the name of Brian Cherry (Brian Cherry). Srashno subtext of the crime lay in the fact that this time the offender was unable to cope with his madness, dismembering the body 43-year-old Cherry. Later, the police had a chance to state and did a monstrous thing - Peter Bryan was a cannibal. According to the case file, on the head killed it was found 24 wounds inflicted by a hammer, his head was partially sawn off, right foot and both hands of the victim were separated from the body. The room in which the crime occurred, is a terrible picture, even for many to see the cops - the bloody walls, dismembered corpse and several bloody knives same. Completes a terrible picture pan with the meat, the origin of which was not hard to guess.

By the way, the police arrived just distracted by Peter `raboty` - otherwise, the victim`s identity would be at all difficult.

During the investigation, Brian did not hide that has thrust to cannibalism, and after being in prison, he had several times threatened to eat the other inmates, forcing guards to keep him in isolation.

Of course, Peter Bryan declared insane, and further its habitat was the psychiatric clinic of special regime Broadmoor Hospital. However, and this time not without casualties. So, in April 2004, one of the hospital patients, 60-year-old Richard Louduella (Richard Loudwell) found sosledami strangulation on the neck and a bloody face. He did not die immediately, but in the beginning of June, from pneumonia, which developed as a result of brain injury - Peter in the fight bashed his head on the floor.

Later cannibal admitted that he was going to have a person `syrym` since realized that the time for` gotovku` he will not. By the way, he called a second time and the intended victim, also a patient of the hospital.

It was learned that Peter Bryan really wanted was to become famous as the `serial ubiytsa`, but because the number of victims currently scheduled at least eight. And in general, he was not going to stay a long time in the hospital, believing that he would be released again.

Peter Bryan was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, that did not save him from the court. He received a life, it was also agreed that the freedom he did not come out ever, representing an estimated psychiatrists, a great danger to society.