Peter Bickerton

Picture of Peter Bickerton

Age: 26

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The eating insects as a way to a healthy heart

In most cases, a healthy diet, people realize the power mode in which the minimum included sweet and fatty alcohol; in some cases it comes on - and diet is based on the recommendations of medical professionals, includes a large number of fresh herbs and may range up to unpleasant expensive dietary products. 24-year-old Briton Peter Bickerton brought the concept of `healthy pischi` to a new level - a large part of his daily diet are crickets, locusts and larvae.

By the current moment Bickerton ate more than 10,000 crickets, locusts 5,000 and 1,000 larvae. In normal daily ration Peter enters something like porridge of locusts for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch with crickets and plates lichinkovyh tacos for lunch. Formed itself so nasty at first glance, not Peter diet of empty desire to stand out among people with normal eating habits; Bickerton, many family members have suffered from all sorts of problems with the heart, and Peter decided themselves from such problems to protect to the maximum.

The first signal for Peter was the tragic death of his uncle; he died of a heart attack, and at the time of his death he was only 45 years old. A few months later a heart attack suffered another uncle Bickerton; this was more fortunate - he escaped with `all-navsego` triple coronary bypass. Some time later, a stroke suffered in one of his aunts, Peter; It was after this family Bickerton realized that an ordinary coincidence of the question. Conducted medical tests confirmed their fears - as it turned out, the mother of Peter and all of her seven brothers and sisters was dangerously overvalued cholesterol. Peter was diagnosed with it at least shocked, but simply because he did not give up sobiralsya- the contrary, at a young age, he had a lot more opportunities to protect themselves from the sad fate in the future.

In search of the most suitable diet Bickerton came across a number of studies, from which they made a rather interesting conclusion - nasekomoedenie is an excellent way to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

In 2009, Peter went on a mission to Ecuador (Ecuador); it was there that he first had a chance to try the taste of the insect. Local natives offered guests a sample of a rather unusual dish - fried larvae; Peter was able to control himself and tried the 7-centimeter creations on taste. The result exceeded all expectations - nothing tastes better in my life Bickerton just have not tried.

Scientific basis for nasekomoedenie Bickerton summed up only in 2011. According to him, most often caused by a heart problem it is high cholesterol; the only source of cholesterol are also saturated fats. Of all the edible animals the least amount of saturated fat is found in insects. Upon closer inspection it turned out that these benefits are not limited to `entomofagii` - so that the insects contain twice as much protein as beef and much more omega-3 fatty acids than fish. Studies say that in 100 grams of the same Locust useful elements and nutrients contained significantly more than any other meat.

At the moment, Peter Bickerton not only the left in nasekomoedenie, but also actively recruit supporters; He travels around the world lecturing and even arranges master classes with tastings. It is possible that his efforts amount of insectivores and indeed may increase, which may affect the health of the planet in the most positive way.